1. People out here really acting like Palestine wouldn't wipe Israel off the map, if they could.

  2. Genocidal apartheid ethnostates don't really have much of a track record for survival...

  3. I would add enemies that use level geometry and attack from different angles/positions.

  4. So what's the upside to looking like a complete idiot? You can buy extremely expensive jewelry like a watch, platinum necklace, etc. that still looks good.

  5. It's basically advertising. Flaunting that hard just because you can. Does it look trashy as fuck? To most people, yes. But to the right people, this dude looks like a peacock in a good way.

  6. That looks like crap and I would be embarrassed to sell that to someone, and I'm the rankest of amateurs.

  7. A Roman with the equivalent duties of a Baron (that is, oversight of a territory answerable to the Emperor) would've been called simply a governor.

  8. You always choose the type of controller, not a machine brand. All GRBL based machines should use the GRBL mm one, not generic gcode or anything else. GRBL has a limited gcode vocabulary, choosing the GRBL post processor will make sure not to include any gcode that it won’t handle (such as a M6 toolchange at the beginning).

  9. Putting you on my Read Later list. (Nothing against what you've got already; I just like my really long binges.)

  10. Upset? No. SMH at how lazy you are...for doing NO research before asking your even goofy question. I guess that makes you S____D and lazy.

  11. Just to be clear, it was used maybe three times for spanking. He prefered a wooden ping pong paddle. Even then I was rarely spanked. He learned spanking didn't really do much.

  12. Iron Banner rank gain is so shit that we reset Shaxx twice for every Saladin reset, and that ratio needs to be bigger? Why?

  13. Just putting it out there: even if the stereotype were true, it wouldn't matter. Same work, same wage; young people deserve a living wage too.

  14. Sounds like you just need to grab the 40w module, right?

  15. For what it might be worth, you're right on every count. The authoritarianism of school is utter bullshit; teachers forget that they are providing a service to the people in front of them. You are the client. They are your employee. Creating a miserable atmosphere should be unthinkable, yet here we are.

  16. This doesn't even make sense. Denying staple foods to citizens who need them the most is just ridiculous.

  17. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to hurt people Republicans disapprove of. The cruelty is the point, not any kind of logic.

  18. Which itself doesn't make sense either, because their own use those same programs.

  19. It doesn't matter; they'll vote for it anyway, because they think it hurts "those people" more. Cultists gonna cult, y'know?

  20. I may not be following you very well then. Are you trying to do a pocket operation? If so, try selecting the bottom surface instead of the contours.

  21. I was using 3d adaptive clearing; that was the only operation I could make do anything at all last time.

  22. Ah, I don't really know anything about that function. I could see it totally going haywire and having problems. PM me a screenshot or two and maybe I can give you some intro pointers.

  23. Sorry for it but I'm a bit weird about privacy; I'd rather not. I'll keep on trudging. I appreciate the offer, though, truly.

  24. If you have the season of the Risen, you can focus Dreaming city weapons at the H3LM and one of those weapons is a solar sword that can roll Relentless strikes+Whirlwind blade.

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