1. My all time favorite game has to be the last of us

  2. Only characters I truly dislike are Edd and Johnny 2X4 lol

  3. Sweet Lou is not in the hall ?

  4. 730k training for me and best pull was a 96 ul lol

  5. I'm praying we lions fans finally get an Amon-Ra St. Brown tomorrow 😭😭😭

  6. Not a single Amon-Ra St. Brown upgrade all year 😑

  7. The comment I was looking for, I love my guy Amon-Ra and I can’t even snag a card out of respect for him carrying my fantasy team to the finals.

  8. Smh I mean I'm glad people like cedrick are getting cards but other guys deserve them to you know what I mean? Lol

  9. It honestly wouldn't surpruse me if they wanted to do it but can't get the rights to enough players to justify an entire collection/program. I would love a negro lg collection/program though.

  10. I did every single exchange because I just so happened to have enough cards to do it without spending stubs lol

  11. Prince because I'm a tigers fan. Vlad just gotta go to 3rd lmao

  12. Got a neighbour that'll let you borrow a controller?

  13. Sadly no but yeah I might have to do a full reinstall smh

  14. I'm doing the same thing right now. I deleted the game not realising I had to upload my save to the cloud in game.

  15. Well apparently I didn't even need to log onto the PS4 it just let me do it from the PS4 version of the game on my PS5 lol. Idk why I didn't try that before.

  16. We can all agree though that I’ll root for any big ten team over Alabama or Clemson or anybody else in the playoffs.

  17. Same only time I actively root against Michigan is when they're playing state. Other than that I'm just a big 10 fan.

  18. As much as I hate OSU I’ll root for them any day over a non big ten team

  19. Upgrade Eckersly Barnes and Kimbrel, add a lefty like Chapman or Golf Diekman and 2 better righties…I’d replace Jason Bay with Ohtani or Winker or even Torii Hunter…I’d also replace bench with Joe Torre he has C as secondary. Start doing more LS collections, Tatis is a lot better than both Groshans and Mauricio imo and you can get Finley if you do the NL west to add a lefty and fill the LF spot with a better player

  20. I want Finley and Tatis bad but I can't afford them. Only live series collectiojsni have left are all the expensive ones lol

  21. I have yet to run into this every game goes all 9 for me win or lose lmao

  22. I struck all three with nothing but high inside fastballs lol they either didn't swing or swung and missed every time

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