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  1. Algos went haywire after Powell announcing possibility for ‘soft landing’.

  2. Friendly reminder to Swedish apes that use Avanza - this broker is the middle hand when you buy US stocks from Avanza. We can only guess how many IOUs got sent from Virtu and Avanza can only guarantee apes a maximum of ~500k dollars (state insurance) when shit blows up.

  3. I am jacked to the tits about this number. Can’t wait for it

  4. This. The free float is massively overleveraged. That makes it easy and possible to hit 100% when there are 500% worth of shares floating around out there.

  5. But what will every institution say about this?

  6. So what kind of shoe are you gonna eat? Because theres a huge difference between ingesting flipflops vs. work boots, for example.

  7. I’ll eat das boot, no flip flops, only the real deal

  8. This is a fantastic card, finally something decent for warriors but it won’t be enough

  9. Not a bad card but enrage warrior got better methods to draw than this and it won’t suite with control.

  10. This would be a decent card if it was “give a minion in your hand”.

  11. Can someone at Blizz HQ save warrior class?

  12. This is the first time I felt “he must be messing with us”. Like honestly, the bear reaching for the piggy bank? I can barely cope with this, the butterflies in my stomach is off the charts. I wish I had more money to DRS GME.

  13. You guys are joking but I would appreciate a nerf to 3 health. That 3/4 body is annoying as hell

  14. 4 mana, 3/3 body, needs no condition to be played, generates two cards with mana cheat AND fulfills the outcast condition for left side and probably right side. What’s not to love here?

  15. Bully Warrior - at least it’ll be fun to piss off the opponents with all the disruption cards. But yeah, warriors are going to get shit on for another 3-4 months

  16. Not a bad card but it will probably need some kind of life steal support.

  17. S02E01 is fantastic. I haven’t read the books yet but I’ve played the games and that episode was like a witcher quest with all the twists. Felt like a filler that held up on its own.

  18. Weekends are cray cray. I remember the posts that called Dr T sus because “she’s clearly using the platform to sell her book on us”.

  19. Would love a hard shake-up with map pools. It will piss off the majority of players but I would welcome it for the sake of change.

  20. I wake up, prepare kids for preschool, argues with my oldest about which clothes to wear, make futile attempts to let my wife decide what to eat for dinner, get to work and perform mind-numbing tasks, get home for dinner and prepare the kids for the night (which takes the entire evening). This is five days a week over and over. I get it, my life is good.

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