1. I'd imagine the pandemic ending has a lot to do with it. Plus inflation.

  2. Was this a common custom amongst ALL Native American tribes? It’s be great if OP identified specific tribes who did it, instead of making a sweeping generalization. Like you didn’t generalize and say “Europeans” but rather you specified Hungarians and Brits. It’s good practice to identify native peoples by their respective tribes. These people still exist to this day and it shows respect for their cultures to identify them instead of whitewashing and homogenizing them.

  3. Fair point. I don’t have that information - I just copied and pasted what I found online. But it is a great question: did all tribes do this (probably not) or just certain ones (more likely), and if so which ones? Maybe someone can do some research and let us know the answer.

  4. That's the first thing I learned on the internet

  5. My post was the first thing you ever saw on the internet? Cool! Welcome to the 'net.

  6. Also, The Who got their name from the phrase "the who", and Queen got their name from the word "queen".

  7. And The The got its name from the phrase "the the" but they messed up the order

  8. Cool! Blows my theory out the water: from Blind Lemon Jefferson's, 'One Kind Favour' - which Grateful Dead do cover. Tune is about a man wanting his grave to be kept clean upon burial. It does heavily tie into the reason above though!

  9. You might be interested to know that a different SF band - Jefferson Airplane - was named after Blind Lemon Jefferson. According to founding guitarist Jorma Kaukonen, his nickname was "Blind Thomas Jefferson Airplane," a name given to him by his friend Richmond "Steve" Talbot, inspired by the name of one of Kaukonen's influences, bluesmen Blind Lemon Jefferson. According to Kaukonen, when the band was trying to come up with a name, they were "...coming up with all these really stupid names and I said, 'If you want something really silly, try Jefferson Airplane.'" The rest of the band liked it and it stuck.

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