1. Coco the best I appreciate all the work you are putting in to make exepsnive shoes available for purchase, thank you and never stop!

  2. Last year and early this year the leaning into the free kick aspect of his game seemed to be one of the many tricks in his bag, now it seems like his game revolves around it. Might be time to send him back to the 2’s just to be able to get him to focus on the footy aspect of his game.

  3. Draper too small, McMahon is still too raw, Johnson isn't a defender and Kelly is more miss than hit unforuntely. Dean would've been nice to slot in, rotten luck with his injuries. Madge will probably come in, or they'll just bring Howe back in and run a smaller backline ala 2018.

  4. Design aside, she sucks as a character

  5. because there’s no more “potential all stars season rumoured” posts to be made

  6. Agree with most of these, though ig derailment sometimes has a legitimate use, but yeah, more often than not, the character changes do have an explanation or aren't too far off.

  7. Both average tbh, Rasp goes missing too much for me, and when he does get onto it he either bangs every shot or misses everything.

  8. I absolutely LOVED the Kings, esepcially the King himself, one of my absolute favourite characters in Fallout. I did all the quests for the Kings pretty much right away and had a blast doing them, easily my favourite part of Freeside.

  9. Moments Socartes, feels incredibly slow, moves like a truck, can't shoot and has dodgy passing at best.

  10. Mid Puskas is absolutely atrocious for me, same with Moments Socrates

  11. FUT Birthday Di Lorenzo is my favourite defender this year bar none, makes great runs, wins the ball, 5 star skills, he's fantastic.

  12. I don’t think anyone was happy at the time with the deal except for Grundy. He hasn’t moved the same since, probably since the moneybags are weighing him down.

  13. Any chance Levi is still around the place..?

  14. Anyways to TBHC, don’t know why it wasn’t on there in the first place

  15. That’s where you’re wrong is a great one, also absolutely love Anyways and Settle for a draw

  16. Doesn't play anymore but Brayden Sier has his name written all over this, could've been a very very good player and had some great games, but he was so lazy and didn't seem interested in playing footy at all.

  17. He got delisted so unfortunately he won't be applicable for Supercoach teams and the like.

  18. Mainly because of all the reasons it doesn't work for you, fantastic cast of characters who each get their own little bits of focus throughout the series when interwined with the group of villains/characters that they each get. The fact that (nearly) every character got an individual/group each really gave them more time to have the screen to themselves which I personally feel just gave them more time to grow as characters. Great story (aside from the ending), great characters, great villains and great fights, to me Dairanger has it all, just clearly didn't click with you like it does for most of the fanbase.

  19. She's fantastic, one of the best, most down to earth characters in the show. She's also quite witty so you can get a laugh out of her here and there, never rubbed me the wrong way by being too preachy/stubborn and often calls Daniel out for being exactly that. She's brilliant.

  20. Only got the first 2 packs and so far I'm in the exact same boat

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