1. I did this. 2h fire rk to light knuckle shura. My dps tripled with same stat enchant build (but changed tailsman to whispering demon statue, pen cards and wolf pet) It’s not a cheap conversion and shadow level must be atleast lv 6 to be effective imo

  2. I did!! I played emulator first but eventually a friend in asia made me an apple id. I logged into it and downloaded the game on my iphone. For major updates i had to log back into that account to update app

  3. LOL. Girl the more you understand the “sciencey” stuff the easier it should be to explain to general public. Educating the public on complex topics without over simplifying or being a reductionist is a sign that you know your shit. Don’t blame the app you chose to run your business from let’s see it doclyss . And she DOES mean I’m so smart. “You don’t even know what I know” girl bet.

  4. Moms drink too much wine? The fuck? This is such a weird generalization, I cannot. Do dads drink too much beer?

  5. Exactly??? Not every person who conceived drinks alcohol or likes wine lol

  6. Almost 1/3 of pregnancies at this point are c-sections! You’re going to do great! I almost wish though that my family was a litttttle more like that because they just acted like it was no big deal and I could do everything the first day I got home

  7. Crit knight yes, Spear no! It’s better late game.

  8. Priest is still a must, the best DPS right now that nobody is using is Haste Shura.

  9. Long bow has always been the only reasonable option in Rox unfortunately. Short bow was never given a chance even now devs completely ignored it. Stick to longbow.

  10. Without a doubt bikini. Leaning down in fat % will slim your legs and from what I can tell, it’s not huge amounts of muscle that you need for wellness .Good base though!

  11. Hard not to snark on that caption though. Not everyone in the gym cares what others are doing 🙈

  12. I think you could totally just go wellness but you would absolutely need to build more in legs! Once you lean out youll lose a lot of size. If you want to be competitive then start eating and lifting heavyy. You got this!

  13. I’m having a csect in 2 days and have been researching like mad. I saw some interesting posts by @mamastefit (instagram) about scar tissue adhesions and to mobilize them. Might be worth checking out!

  14. Thank you and good luck! It’s really nice knowing that you will be getting the c-section ahead of time so you can prepare. I ended up getting one after 48 hours of labor!

  15. Thank you! 💕 The thought of labour was terrifying so I’m avoiding it 😅😅

  16. I flew at 12, 19, and 30 weeks pregnant and they didn’t require anything.

  17. Curious why you have two car seats listed? Also 100% agree with everyone commenting. Time to sit down with her and explain the registry isn’t for her.

  18. See some newer faces winning and softer physiques!

  19. Korean skincare is insanity. She looks so good. 😩

  20. Tbh I blocked sus accounts who view my stories constantly but I’m not an ✨ influencer.✨

  21. Don't be sorry. they don't actually need cars because they actually have good transit and walkability.

  22. Yeah it’s not necessary but crazy expensive. The dollar here is on par with Canada (my home country.) price is high to simply keep people from using cars. Kinda bizarre to me even if its a walkable city that they are taking away a luxury from average people. (No offence to SG! I love it here.)

  23. It's a personal "luxury" at the expense of everything and everyone else

  24. Is this new news? I had to put my cat in cargo with Singapore airlines earlier this year because they aren’t allowed

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