1. Waiting on the Haskins77 response 👀

  2. Frontin’ - K2 re edit. Can be bought on karizma’s bandcamp page

  3. It was in the third floor. It was good view, not bad for the price.

  4. How in the world did you get tickets for $60??

  5. There was an active shooter at Wawa in Georgetown

  6. Such a shitty venue, mad he took the booking.

  7. Crosstown Rebels is a label that he and many other artists that have a similar sound have released on

  8. His new EP Superimposition is the best deep house record of the year so far IMO

  9. The dickriding of cbum on this sub is out of control

  10. Anything by these dudes is straight gold

  11. Love the hand placement on Antoine

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