1. It was definitely harder than expected, especially for a non-gaming partner. My wife probably stopped playing video games after about Dr. Mario, but everyone told us to give it a shot as a couple . . . it did not go well.

  2. I mean... having money shouldn't really solve any of Harry's problems, you just need to restrict how he can actually spend it.

  3. Each season from 3 and on acts as a potential series finale and they're all honestly pretty good. Even the gas leak year. It's very rare for a show to even have a good series finale now it's pretty incredible Community got 4 solid ones. That just speaks to how great of a show Community is though.

  4. Anyone have thoughts on this vs Coromon as a Pokemon substitute? I've got both on my wishlist but keep not pulling the trigger on either.

  5. I wrote something pretty similar to this a few months ago, although not from Snape's point of view...

  6. Where else are you supposed to keep your dusty weight bench, boxes of seasonal decorations, uncharged power tools, and 7+ unfinished projects?

  7. Neither do the people in the post, hence why it’s dusty. Part of the reason I pay for a gym membership is because if I’m paying for it, I’ll use it. Otherwise, it’ll go forgotten.

  8. See, I've tried that too, but instead I just told myself it's my money and I can waste it if I want.

  9. What was so good about the first. I just finished it and found the story to be awful and the quests to be awful and have no bearing on the story. The movement, especially the grappling hook, are the best part of the game.

  10. The movement and the threat of nighttime, imo. Until you got a good handle on how to move around Volatiles at night, it was a genuinely tense affair. By contrast, I found 2's nighttime to be less threatening because (at least at launch) the dangerous zombies were mostly static and you could conceivably fight them off with the right buffs. Haven't been back to play it recently, but I've heard the combat has been improved and feels more weighty, like the original.

  11. I'm mainly here for the recommendations, because all I want is more fics like

  12. Very strange, I suspect this is due to specific team comps.

  13. Late to this discussion, but I recently started a modded runthrough with the following mods and have had no issues up through

  14. When I was in high school I delivered for a place that only hired high school kids. Inevitably some of them would speed like hell trying to get more deliveries. If the owner found out he'd sit us all down together and make us do the math on how much time we'd save speeding vs. going the limit. You'd lose more time having to wait for a car at a stop sign than you would speeding, and you certainly wouldn't gain enough extra deliveries to make up for the cost of a ticket or accident.

  15. Good guy pizza shop manager, I did not have that on my bingo card.

  16. Maybe bamboo blankets? Slashop has some nice “pet resistant” bedding, but it’s very pricey. Might be a jumping off point though to look for similar materials. I’ve heard microfiber is good and resisting pet hair too.

  17. I will say that my experience with cheap microfiber sheets is that they hold dog hair worse than almost any other fabric. On the low cost end of the spectrum, cotton sheets have worked best for me, but they still required a tool like the ChomChom roller or Analan brush to get the majority of the hair off, so I ended up just training my dog to stay off the bed.

  18. I would say base game is like Banished. Difference is that you have win and lose conditions and single base lasts maybe hour or two. After you finish you get meta currency that you can use to buy some meta progression opening new buildings etc. Then you build another base. There is randomness on what buildings you get and what the environment is so every base is bit different.

  19. Once you unlock the race specific houses permanently it makes things lot easier. You don't need to "purchase" them anymore but you always have them. They are also removed from pick pool so you have easier time getting other buildings.

  20. Yeah, I've only dabbled in trade to satisfy objectives, otherwise I haven't really seen the benefit yet, but I can see where doing the race specific housing all the time would be extremely helpful in staying positive during the storms. Guess I'll have to play some more, thanks!

  21. Not sure whether to get Xiangling or Yaoyao from the lantern rite event?

  22. Debating the same, except my XL is only C1. I'm thinking Yaoyao in that case, as I'm faintly hoping that Dehya is a 5-star XL and I can just swap her in, but in your case, there's been rumours that Baizhu is coming in 3.6 and will be a Dendro healer, so he might be able to replace Yaoyao for you in that case.

  23. PM-Ur-small-human-breasts does not have the beat of PM-Ur-Boobies or PM-Ur-Small-Tits.

  24. Sounds like the sort of thing Robo-Holt would say to convince you he's both 1. Straight and 2. Totally not a robot.

  25. I always hated the Shop Rite brand for any product. I learned to deeply mistrust any store brand. But then I met Kirkland, and my world got flip turned upside down.

  26. Ok. I'd like to know why then you said a mortgage is risky for retirement? isn't it a good idea, provided it's affordable?

  27. I think it's very important to add that the FeMC is NOT just a gender-swap, she is a completely different character, interacts with the party and s. links differently, and in fact has several different s links, including the entire party unlike the male MC!

  28. Yeah, as a guy, the Male MC social links are such dogshit in comparison to the feMC links. Would I rather build my bonds with

  29. I found it pretty good for hydro shields since cores do extra application when hit. I think the hyperbloom team has been pretty good for shield breaking (at least in my case)...

  30. Agreed - my hyperbloom team shreds hydro shields very quickly, cryo and electro shields at a slower but still acceptable rate, and while the Dendro portion doesn't do a lot to pyro shields because it triggers burning, whatever you have for hydro application will help to break them. Geo it doesn't seem to do anything special with, but I feel like the damage penetration on a geo shield is still pretty good.

  31. I feel p5R really added a better feeling of friendship between companions. I don’t remember exact details, but it seemed like they all interacted with each other more than the original release.

  32. The showtimes in P5R are small but significant ways that show the relationships between the rest of the PTs, I really enjoyed when I got a new one and got to see who it was.

  33. I know there's mods for FES for party control, I have no experience with them though. The anime cutscenes aren't even the biggest loss in comparison to replacing the 3D roaming with a menu on top of a JPEG...

  34. I emulated FES with the party control mod a year or two back. Took an afternoon to get it set up appropriately I think, but was fairly stable after that. It did seem suspiciously easy at times, I think because the game wasn't balanced around full control of all four fighters.I kinda preferred that though, as the combat felt like a real step back in terms of UX after P4G and P5R, so it was mostly just something to skip through to get the story moving.

  35. Get who you like, and that is the most serious answer I can give you. The highest value units you can pull right now are Raiden, then Alhaitham, followed by Ayato, followed closely by Yelan.

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