1. Yeah, but if you had $250 mil in the bank yesterday today you’re left with $250k and hoping you might recover some of the rest of the sum through the liquidation proceedings, that $250k is going to feel pretty meaningless pretty quick. Lots of companies runways will be disappearing, insurance or not.

  2. I would imagine they don't have any account over 250, they just have a lot of accounts. All insured. I'm not sure how it works, shiny smooth, but I imagine that's how they do it. 100% insured

  3. They all add up..... eventually pennies make dollars and dollars make sense. Keep em' coming!

  4. So if nobody is borrowing, as in nobody or fewer people are going after the existing shares to borrow, the cost drops. The lending parties would do this to incentivise people to take a short position.

  5. I think the borrow rate is affected by a complex combination of willing lenders, institutional buyers, fluctuating ETFs, ebb and flows of markets and collateral, FTD’s, and more. I don’t think the number can be produced from just the factors you suggest. There is a lot more going on that we never see.

  6. I would agree that it's possible that I asked a question that I may not understand the answer to. The cost to borrow may not be much of a number to be concerned with unless that's the game you are playing, which I am not.

  7. Brick by brick, and buy the dip.... if you can. I'm in the same boat and can't always buy. I've never felt so strongly about something. Keep em coming!!

  8. And so anyways.... I continue to Buy, DRS, HODL....


  10. You are definitely doing this right, NFA, but I think you have .311 too many shares 😉

  11. I am a buyer at any price, I am an individual investor. I like the stock

  12. I am one of the poors, and I got in late, but I've managed to squirrel away 22 shares so far through Computer share. Was just able to get 4 at 17.55. Wish i could have had more but that's where I'm at so I don't have a lot of shares to make mistakes with when that time comes. I have an etrade account but haven't used it yet, only Computer share. If this doesn't kick off by tax time maybe I can squeeze out a bigger number but until then it's little bits at a time. I guess this question is for all the little guys like me who don't have a large margin for error when the time comes. I hope we can all average up but no one really knows how this will play out. ⁷

  13. When the time comes X and XX apes go first. You’re doing fine! Maybe consider putting a share or two in a free Fidelity brokerage account. I wouldn’t trust E*trade when the time comes. Keep your 22 with CS and sell the synthetics back.

  14. Appreciate that for sure and that sounds like a pretty legit plan. I've always been unsure which brokerage to use. Which broker is the lesser of all evils is the question I've been asking myself lol. Kind of why I haven't used anyone besides Computer share yet but I will eventually.

  15. This is a great question, I would like to add another. What's the best way to sell that one share? Computer share has transaction limits and two ways to sell.

  16. Can someone tell me when the Droid version is coming, no interest in a work around

  17. But when is the Droid app coming? I don't want a work around.

  18. Put in through computer share for $75, lean with Christmas but irresistible to not put something in. Maybe 2-4 shares by the time it settles. I just keep buying , booking, HODLing. Can't stop, won't stop, Game Stop.

  19. Apologies in advance for off topic Side note because I don't see a sub about it or any info really.... I know there is a work around for Droid users to have a wallet but I'm not interested. when is the Droid app coming? Any mention?

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