1. La seconda senza ombra di dubbio, bella sfacchinata super remunerativa.

  2. Dici che è molto impegnativa? Probabilmente il secondo giorno è lungo, ma non dovrebbe presentare grandi pendenze? (Possiamo sempre prendere la navetta per tornare giù dal micheluzzi no?)

  3. Se il tempo è stabile per tutto il pomeriggio non ci sono problemi nel farla. Se prevedono temporali al pomeriggio, meglio evitare, e scegliere il percorso più breve.

  4. Take a look at this interesting article. Personally I don't buy finance stocks even if they could do well because they are out of my circle of competence. But I get a small position on NVR, WFG and LPX because they seem undervalued and could benefit from the current environment. Any thoughts on those stocks and which sector will most benefit?

  5. Bargains? How did you calculate the values to be bargains? Going down and picking them lower than they were before doesn't mean they are bargains!

  6. Molina healthcare...check out The Everest not want to advertise but I found their product really great

  7. Thank you. It seems the sites I’m using are certainly showing foreigner rates as most are showing 1300-1500.

  8. Use idealista and avoid the area around the cathedral and Sao Martino next to the sea. Then, the more you go up inside the island, the less you pay.

  9. Leaving tomorrow and I have my documents on phone. Do you think I'll have issues?

  10. What a poor post. Your single experience into one city, a few days, doesn't mean anything about an entire country. People still don't understand they cannot generalise from one experience...🤦🤌

  11. It's bollocks. I'm from Italy, and Portugal, Madeira too, is so much relaxed and respectful on driving. Of course, every American I know is uncomfortable in Europe, mainly due to the narrower roads and the "missing space" compared to the US. The only piece of advice: don't get the fastest route (most of the time is the steepest) but the longer alternative

  12. That's the definition of Homeopathy

  13. Enterprise dev here, we don’t use storyboards - only Xibs.

  14. Yes, there are so many developers frightened of storyboards, for no reason. We are 7 developers, our app is split into multiple storyboards, it's so easy to build screen and set constraints there. A few conflicts from time to time can be easily solved

  15. Programmatically. Handling Storyboard/XIB merge conflicts in large projects can turn into a nightmare

  16. Never had big problems on merging, just separate the app into multiple storyboards.

  17. They cannot even write Burrata correctly.....

  18. At that price, isn't it worth to buy the galaxy watch 4, which has recently come out?

  19. Not a carry but you are relying too much on your arms for your power on a set. Try to use your legs to generate power and arms/shoulders to help with location. With a perfect pass, the footwork we train is right-left-right with a big push off your left. Timing this well with your arms pushing will give you more power so the ball carries all the way to the antenna rather than fall short and inside.

  20. Not sure about the advice: everything in setting is about the wrist, power as well. Better improve the wrist motion with medicinal ball, and learn how to leverage it. Legs will come in handy only for long distances/ very high balls

  21. Both methods are correct, it depends on the level of play (how fast plays are being run), how the hitters are used to being set and also the strength of the setter in question (young girls use more legs, adult men use 0 legs)

  22. Everything which is not wrist-relates is an adaptation. but the aim will always be training the wrist and aiming for the perfect form of the set.

  23. Income is less then expenses. Everything is in the balance sheet, which is the most important thing to evaluate a company. Have a look on our website for more info!

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