1. oh god i’ve had the WORST cough of my life this week and I’m so exhausted. The phlegm buildup is driving me crazy and my throat hurts. Been real tough to clean towards the back of my tongue. I just try to get done with my routine as quickly as I can to prevent coughing up toothpaste particles everywhere. Send prayers you guys, this hygiene queen is absolutely struggling :(

  2. some religious extremists vandalized a theatre because the actress was wearing bikini in the movie

  3. Not just any bikini, she was wearing a saffron coloured bikini. The colour is considered sacred in Hinduism, which is why the extremists claimed that it disrespects Hinduism (or Sanatan Dharma) and hurts religious sentiments. It was a shitshow tbh but the bikini made it into the final cut of the movie lmao. Biggest irony is that the movie turned out to be a massive success and broke box office records.

  4. Most Indian men and women think that mothers are meant to sacrifice their life and the compromises and sacrifices are glorified as well as romanticised. People casually say that my mother used to go hungry and feed me as the matter of fact thing. And, in case, a women dares to be equal in the household or claim something for herself she’s instantly termed as the ‘selfish’ one or the home wrecker!

  5. absolutely. I hate this romanticising of the “tyags” (sacrifices) of mothers. Oh your mom eats last night’s leftovers but serves you fresh food? How about you share some or make some for her instead of writing poems on whatsapp about “maa ka balidaan”? A woman who refuses to behave like a slave is seen as a failed mother in a typical Indian household.

  6. I dont even know how to word my comment so that it doesn't get removed and we're not even allowed to post links in here. I think we should be allowed to talk about this since it is affecting the show. I dont even know if I will word this according to the rules but here it goes.

  7. from what I understood yes, they were not sent to minors ever. First of all he was a minor himself in those "toilet pics" or wtv people call them so whoever shared those should deleted them asap, and they were sent to a group of guy friends to "be funny"...funny how i dont know but ok i guess? and tbh i see it, those are not the kind of pics you send girls you wanna get with, they were not flattering whatsoever. Why would you send a girl you're flirting with a pic after you just took a shit

  8. I mean, as a teenager myself, those pics did seem like something a guy would send to his friends jokingly.

  9. One way or the other Adani will have to answer the questions Hindenburg raised.

  10. You underestimate the chokehold Adani has on India, it’s people, media and the government.

  11. How do people not understand what farm smell is?!! It's that specific old/moldy smell

  12. ah I guess not all people go to farms regularly? lol but yeah thank god someone gets it.

  13. Yes. Fresh water fish is very off putting to a lot of folks. Very distinct gamey taste . 100% would NOT recommend for your first time having seafood. Didn’t really come from the sea.

  14. Thanks for the info! I'll try out more varieties and try eating out to see how it tastes actually.

  15. Those women will be considered self employed and their business will fall under micro enterprises. Govt also promotes them through MSME (micro, small, medium enterprises) ministry

  16. Yeah but most of them never really report all that. That basically means they’re not counted in these reports. One of my aunts doesn’t even have an existence on paper, she lives in the village and sells clarified butter in the village and to her acquaintances in the cities.

  17. exactly idk what the commenter means lol… yeah we’re not going way too crazy over it but that’s because we already knew how fucked up the whole Adani thing was and aren’t much surprised.

  18. Huh. Fascinating if true. If a person who's been affected by this type of medication dies & gets cut open for autopsy, will the rainbow bones be noticeable? I mean, I suppose it's the only way one would know, and perhaps how this was discovered.

  19. The bones aren't rainbow colored lol. Different medications cause different colors. For example, Minocycline leads to

  20. I'm working through my trauma to be better for myself and others around me; my mother didn't. Am I supposed to empathize with her?

  21. Congrats gal! I’m in the same boat. My weight kept increasing during quarantine and before I knew it I had gained 10 kilos. It triggered hair loss and I haven’t had my period in 9 months. Trying to lose the weight now. 1/10 kg down. Wish me luck!

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