1. I've recently graduated in graphic design and illustration and I'm starting master's in design, innovation and brand management this September.

  2. Well let’s discuss this because most women complain about the physical discomforts and when I’m like “and how about all those stupid feelings tho?” They’ll be like oh yeah, pms? Yeah…

  3. I'm not really that person who would complain about physical pain during my period, since I usually have little to no pain.

  4. As a woman... My period. It makes me so emotional for literally no reason.

  5. Learning about interpersonal power dynamics doesn't make you evil lol, your intentions do

  6. Motion graphics in After Effects

  7. I'm 5w4 (548) and I'm currently finishing my bachelor's degree in graphic design. I've always been very creative and artistic since I was a little child. Creativity is a part of my every day life for several years at this point, yet I wouldn't say that my relationship with creativity is healthy. It's more like an obssesion than just an interest. What I particularly like about doing graphic design is that it's not about self-expression. Graphic design has a purpose to solve a problem in a creative way. I think I can agree that my creativity is somehow scary. Reflecting back on my previous work, I've created several quite controversial projects during the past few years. It has never been an issue and I think that the reason behind it is that I can articulate my ideas pretty clearly so others undertand my way of thinking. However, everytime I start a new project there is always something that makes me wonder if this is going to be accepted by others or not.

  8. I think that the argument "no uterus, no opinion" just comes from the frustration that women rights were always supressed by men in the history and they are trying to put us in a cage again (I'm not trying to argue that it's just all men but the pro-life approach is more common for men than women from what I've noticed), and also because it's quite obvious that most men don't have a clue about how risky pregnancies can be and can lead to seriously dangerous consequences for women's physical and mental health. There is a lack of education on female reproductive system and women are aware of that. No one wants to argue with people about their reproductive rights when those people don't even know where a clitoris is on a female body.

  9. Art director or brand strategist

  10. This is exactly why I didn’t ask people who have nothing to do with astrology.

  11. If you only want to hear what you want to hear, there is no point starting a discussion thread in this subreddit. Next.

  12. There is no discussion when I’m specifically asking about methodology of something you blatantly deny Straight of the bat.

  13. You literally asked 'Do the star signs affect your mbti?', labeled it as debate/discussion and someone gave you an absurd answer on an absurd question. Am I on the wrong Reddit seeing this then? If you try asking the right question on the right subreddit you may get a serious response next time.

  14. If you don’t want to be on camera, holding a hand up and saying “no thank you” is an effective and reasonable solution.

  15. Women don't owe you a kind response after they clearly show that she don't want to be approached and followed by a stranger.

  16. Thanks for the clarification. I'm just trying to figure out where do I stand, get to know my options and learn more about the journey from uni to full-time job rather than putting limitations on myself. I would also hope to get a junior position, I'm just questioning if I have enough skill and knowledge to work as a junior and if internship is something advised or absolutely necessary for a recent graduate.

  17. Wow Essay Publication is really good man, i love the layouts. The marlboro one is just so so good

  18. Oh, thanks! It's one of my favourite projects as well. My friend was so obsessed with the Marlboro one so much that I printed A3 poster as a gift for his birthday.

  19. I'd recommend getting rid of the side nav if each category doesn't offer something different from what people can get on the homepage. Like you don't need Botanical both on the homepage as a thumbnail and then by itself in a Typography section as a thumbnail. It just looks like you're padding your portfolio that way because it serves no purpose in terms of site navigation. Just go with confidence and put those thumbnails all on the homepage and call it a day.

  20. It makes more sense to me to have projects organised in a menu under different categories. Especially, when I consider that I will change it over time and add more work and if someone wants to, for example, see / revisit some specific project or category then he doesn't have to scroll through all of the projects on the home page to find it. But thanks for your suggestions, I will reconsider that navigation and will definitely add the bio page!

  21. Try a different test and read more about basic fear and desire of each type.

  22. Love these so much! Might treat myself to them! Saving your shop now. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear that you like them x

  24. I'm so happy to hear that you like them x

  25. you did a great job creating something lovely to look at and nice to use -and a good variety of images!

  26. You are so sweet, thank you! x

  27. Hi, I've created these positive daily affirmation cards that you can print by yourself at home. Plese check out my Etsy shop if you would like to see more. I'm quite new to Etsy, so any kind of support is greatly appreciated x

  28. I've created printable affirmation cards set with illustrated character. Maybe it is what you ate looking for!

  29. Hi witches! I created printable planners and affirmation cards illustrated by me, so if you are interested or would like to see more, plese visit the link below. I'm quite new to Etsy, so any kind of support is greatly appreciated x

  30. A week ago I've opened my shop with digital downloads and I would like to hear some opinions! I currently have a few business card designs, Lightroom presets, affirmation cards and mood tracker that I'm planing to extend and add some printable planners, invoices, wall art and thank you cards.

  31. I smoke weed hardly often. I mean I used to but I'm not into that anymore. I don't like the feeling I can't focus on anything for prolonged time and I rater use my time more productively.

  32. I don't hide it from that person, however, I hide it from everyone else + just like somebody said, I usually hide everything emotional. And yes, I hide it on purpose because I don't want people to stick their nose into my private things and I'm doing it very well, tested several times.

  33. Yesterday I've opened my shop with digital downloads and I would like to hear some opinions! I currently have a few business card designs and Lightroom presets that I'm planing to extend and add some printable planners, invoices, wall art and thank you cards.

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