1. why do other countries think we put corn on pizza‽ when i was in Barbados years ago they served us “pizza” with hotdogs and corn. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. i am not suicidal for the first time in 30 years. and like u said, less intense mania and depression has lessened significantly.

  3. i take Lamictal 400mg, risperadone 4 mg, celexa 20 mg (i think), and medical cannabis

  4. sitting on my back porch with canna and coffee

  5. i just made this for my husband on Sunday

  6. i’m a cannabis user and take lamotrigine. iv had a couple bad trips when i started consuming cannabis medically, but i’ve learned over time that certain strains trigger psychosis . i stay away from those and monitor my consumption overall. i haven’t taken Delta 8 but i would be cautious with your dosing

  7. Hi, I used to use that exact rolling machine, when I used to use Weed in this form, as, sometimes when hand rolled, joints come out rolled too tight, and, alas , does not burn properly, if at all, thus, wasting precious Green.The rolling machine, whether rolling regular tobacco cigarettes, or Weed, rolls a bit looser, thus, making it easier to smoke joints, for a more even smoke. Now, I only use Borosilicate Pyrex glass pipes. Thanks

  8. i use glass pipes the majority of time, but i’m clumsy and have stuck to rolled js lately

  9. i’d grab some weed and go for a stroll in my beautiful town

  10. sit outside in the backyard with my dogs and chill

  11. i love that this shows TH as a normal dude

  12. i saw a man once, when his dom pulled the rod out i couldn’t believe how long the rod was!

  13. i smoke alone cuz no one i know consumes. i tend to smoke 3 times a day, 2 grams tops a day

  14. it happens when i forget my meds for a few days

  15. I tend to enjoy indica dominant hybrids. Doesn't make me anxious or knock me out.

  16. Dayum! I’m medical in a state that just went recreational and it’s about $10-13/g for me

  17. the Avengers…i want to see angry Loki naked

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