Jordan Peterson breaks down crying after being described as a 'incel hero'.

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  1. ...And you honestly think this wasn't approved by Musk when he's taken similar actions in the past? Come on man

  2. Dale Charles is the highest executive manager at Starlink, he makes all the decisions for the company -- that's literally his role. The most Elon Musk could do is call a vote with the other seven members of the SpaceX board of directors to replace Dale Charles, if profit expectations weren't being met.

  3. I've found pretty much no mention anywhere of Dale Charles in relation to Starlink except a random

  4. Just look up ‘indy Harry, Dumbledore bashing’ and you’ll find hundreds of fics just like this. Most of them are quite shit though

  5. It was a literal movie reference lmao. Wasn’t even sexist.

  6. Yea a lot of the time they feel more like actual real people. Probably because it’s less moderated and YouTube’s used by a wider range of people

  7. ITT White person trying to say unpreferred pronouns and racial slurs are comparable

  8. Yea has to be one of the more bizarre takes I’ve seen on Reddit so far lol. This is what happens when one scrolls too far into a thread

  9. He also cried when a non skinny woman was the SI cover model for the swimsuit edition

  10. ‘Non skinny’ lmfao. Excellent framing and doesn’t misrepresent the whole thing at all

  11. JJJ would jump on it to try to tarnish Spider-Man’s reputation further and it would likely work to a certain extent but I don’t think the average citizen would really care given how much good he does on daily basis.

  12. I’m sorry, do you normally eat a restaurant for hours during a weight cut?

  13. Wasn't that after he was told to stop the cut?

  14. Yeah I feel like if he survived another like 2 minutes it would've been game over. Khamzat was just like a step ahead each reversal it was honestly insane grappling to watch. Compare that to how leech looked against khamzat and I think he did really well.

  15. Mental illness, loneliness, and being average intelligence but below average social awareness. They spend their whole lives wanting to find the cheat code to wealth and respect. They gather in little communities, where they learn and use special little code words and phrases, which both satisfies their loneliness need, but also feeds into their ego that they were smart enough to find the new frontier to wealth in the internet.

  16. Yes. Cheaters are fucking scum. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  17. Tbf he was a child when the war was happening lmao. And not much to defend it from rn. But costa is a chad

  18. Serious reply to a meme, give this man an award for gods sake. I dizzaproof

  19. bomb the hosting country of over 20 country leaders and other powerful people aswel as bombing during the funeral of the most respected woman on the planet.

  20. Khamzat is actually just a deranged idiot who can fight and not endearing at all

  21. I mean I get where you're coming from but if you watch him speak in Russian or Swedish in interviews, it's pretty clear he's not a moron. I also remember him coming off as pretty level headed in that Brett Okamoto interview before the Burns fight where he reflected on his past.

  22. I get what he's saying but at the same that puts the entirety of responsibility on batman. I mean he's a private citizen who's going out of his way to jail these guys and give them a chance to rehabilitate, it's not fair that he's doing Gotham this huge solid and they can't even keep these guys secured.

  23. Yea but my main issue is when he literally goes out of his way to save the villains like he did against the Punisher in that crossover comic

  24. Silva has gotten over it but you haven't? Weird.

  25. His channel's actually doing quite well these days lol

  26. Average Colby fan wishes they were built like that lmao

  27. Pantoja, Merab, Volk, Islam, Khamzat, Izzy, Ankalaev, Blaydes

  28. Sub feels like mma instagram sometimes with the quality of discussion there

  29. Romance continues to develop as far as I remember. It gets better. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the pairing itself honestly lol.

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