1. The other day we had 22 boarding patients in a 20 bed (including hallway) peds ed.

  2. Two days ago, we had 45 admitted patients in our 38-bed ER. Admit hold nurses flexed to 7-10 patients due to staff shortages. One EMS crew held the wall for 8 hours; at one point there were 10 ambulances in our bay. Travel nurses have spread the word about how not-great our hospital system is and so now the contracts aren’t filling. This doesn’t even address the flight of specialty service providers, or the lengthy list of canceled surgeries due to staff issues. I don’t want to be a nurse anymore, because I have so little faith that things will improve.

  3. Little old lady we picked up at a freestanding ER with Troponin over 1000. Already on heparin and nitro drips for the drive to the hospital as a direct admit. As we packaged her, she looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’m going to die tonight.” Hair on the back of my neck immediately shot straight up. My partner drove like hell. As we made the final left hand turn before we reached the hospital, she squeaked “Oh!!” and went into V-fib arrest. Never got her back. She knew. Maybe Jesus was on top of the rig just waiting for the right moment to punk us.

  4. Also responded to a guy with a toothbrush holder stuck up his ass. Apparently he and his girlfriend were on a method fueled sexcapade when he wanted to do her in a very uncomfortable place. She said he had to take something first and the toothbrush holder was chosen. It went in, but never came out. He was in good spirits, was joking with us about it it. When we asked why the hell he'd do that he was like, bro look how hot she is! Showed us a pic, she was not hot. SMH.

  5. ER nurse here. Meth-fueled horny just leads to raging improvisation. Took care of a guy who was a meth-using machinist. Took a big bump one weekend and started eyeing his lady, but realized his somewhat advanced age meant his equipment was disinclined to participate at his level of expectation. So he went to his backyard shop and machined himself a cock ring out of 1/4” thick aluminum tubing. Rounded the edges and made it nice and smooth and slipped it over Frank AND Beans. Many, many hours later, he presented to our department, unable to remove the ring. A good friend of mine was one of the EMTs who brought him to the ER, and to this day when we see each other, it’s a race to recreate the first words the machinist said to me: “Wait’ll you get a load of this priapism!!!”

  6. The short answer is there isn’t a good, non-chain western wear shop in Cheyenne… Probably the closest approximation to what you have in your mind’s eye is Lou Taubert’s in Casper. There may be some places in town that have a small selection of more unique goods, but nothing on the order of Taubert’s. Cheyenne has Jax, Murdoch’s, and Boot Barn.

  7. Would Casper be a better place than Cheyenne to hang out a couple days? Loking for a place to spend some time together before heading to her family's house in Denver.

  8. I spend a lot of time in Cheyenne visiting family. My big impression of the city is that there are a lot of well-intentioned folks who try to create interesting businesses to subvert the chain business, but the momentum towards “safe” and “known” overwhelms them. That and the very close proximity to Fort Collins. I’m not being negative here - this is merely 25 years of observation. I haven’t been to Casper in several years, but I have a lot of friends there (and I used to live there, long ago). It seems like Casper is maybe a little younger? There seems to be some stuff happening there. Keep in mind though, December in either Cheyenne or Casper is going to be extra windy and maybe not a winter wonderland. Good luck!

  9. I have adderall black coffee and swallowed gum having a party in my empty stomach right now

  10. Maybe a stray chicky strip from the cafeteria in there too. But probably not.

  11. $18,000 ER days in southern Arizona at a hospital that has absolutely abysmal turnover rates. Two-year commitment. If you leave before the obligation is fulfilled, they demand repayment minus tax withholding within 30 days or they turn you over to collections. Even the HR rep hinted that accepting it was a poor choice. In other words, I’m a fool.

  12. Catalina State Park or Gilbert Ray campground are both nice and established, if you’re looking to have people around. Otherwise, head for State Trust Land north of town.

  13. Trader Joe’s parking lot at Grant & Swan is pretty awful as well.

  14. Coworker came into work this week knowing she was positive and symptomatic. She was upset she had to go home because she did not want to use her pto/sick pay. It takes a special kind of self-centeredness to KNOW you are sick and contagious and still go into public, not caring who you expose. It is absolutely maddening.

  15. Had a coworker visibly unwell a few shifts back. I ran a temporal thermometer over her and got 99.6, so asked if we could take an oral. 103.3. Charge nurse gave her acetaminophen from his personal bottle and told her she had to keep working because there wasn’t anyone available to replace her if she left… not even our manager, sitting in the office in scrubs. Covid plus influenza. She came to work knowing she was sick because she’s taking vacation in January and doesn’t want to burn PTO.

  16. Ngl I’m impressed. Last time I had a 103 fever I though I died and and went to hell.

  17. Oh it was infuriatingly impressive. A real ER “WTF??” moment

  18. Alot of it is. Just disregard. One doc that I worked with for a good part of my career started off as a nurse. Retired recently and still think of him.

  19. My GYN physician was an L&D nurse for 20+ years before going to med school. She’s amazing.

  20. So, yes this is absolutely a night snake. They are harmless (unless you are a scorpion, centipede, or other tiny prey item). Good to have around, consider yourself lucky.

  21. As with many, I was premed as a little baby college student. One inducement to change course was the day I looked at the front rows of organic chemistry and thought “oh my god. I’ll have to continue going to school with these people. And then I’ll have to work with them for the rest of my life.”

  22. That’s why I bailed out of the med school application cycle after my second waitlisting. I just realized I wasn’t that gal. Never looked back. I respect my physician colleagues and the work you do tremendously, but I am not one of you.

  23. I guess that trauma explains the nick. (Appropriate fun emoji face here)

  24. Ha ha ha. Never sampled a benzo in my life. Push far too many to count in ER.

  25. Incarceritis is when you develop chest pain/SOB immediately after being arrested and therefore have to go to the hospital instead of jail.

  26. A deputy referred to it as “silver bracelet syndrome” last week. I prefer incarceritis, but thought it was clever too.

  27. Not remotely. And as an ER nurse with over 10 years of experience, it’s horrible and demoralizing to know that the travel nurses with no vested interest in our community can land contract work with less than two years of experience and easily earn three times as much pay as I do in a week, PLUS housing stipend.

  28. I took photos of food debris left on the floor of our nutrition room for three days, along with photos of overflowing trash cans, a non-functional hopper sink (that more than one of us had put in work orders for more than once), and moldy food trays left in the soiled utility room, and sent them to our department director. My reward was a demerit on my evaluation for “not being a collaborative and understanding colleague.” Never mind that I took care of the problems and put in yet another work order for the sink… I’m going to add EVS responsibilities to my resume and start looking.

  29. patient stated, "y'all don't know shit. you ain't putting that tube in me. the reason I can't pass gas is because y'all won't let me eat. all I need is a sammich and some more of that pain medicine that starts with a d." The patient then experienced large dark green emesis. will continue to monitor.

  30. Started in Arizona, probably where I got it from

  31. Rig, box, truck, Boo-boo Bus, WeeWoo Wagon… all nicknames I heard in Arizona.

  32. Shouldn’t this be ER attending a tell us what bike you are riding right now?

  33. Or what AT setup you’re looking at for the upcoming ski season?

  34. I participated in a code yesterday and the second med we gave was D50, after the first Epi dose. The patient was diabetic in congregate care; we have had too many patients come from care homes with insulin dosing mistakes and associated hypoglycemia to not just administer as part of our review of H's & T's.

  35. One of my favorite local trails is notorious for being thick with mountain lions. Last time I was out there for an out and back I returned to a spot I had just covered 15 minutes earlier to find a nice steamy pile of fresh scat. Definitely had my radar up for the next few minutes.

  36. We live in the same place. Pima Canyon or King Canyon? Because I’ve seen big kitties in both places. Edit: scrolled down. Confirmed. Pima Canyon…

  37. I got the serious heebie-jeebies in the cottonwood grove there once. Like you said, just eerie silence very abruptly. I stopped and looked around, got my spray out of my vest pocket, and kind of slowly did a 360. Saw the cat up in the crook of one of the tree branches, maybe 15’ overhead. I think I came closer to peeing my pants in that moment than ever in my life. I started yelling like a fool and picked up as big a rock as I could hold. Backed out of the area slowly, keeping eyes on the kitty. I sang and yelled very loudly to myself all the way down past the dams until I ran into some hikers… whew.

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