1. You're definitely not supposed to audition with a monologue from a movie

  2. Feel free to use this for whatever meme you desire,

  3. Cause Rico's epic and Speedwagon needed to be the friendly informer Kowalski

  4. But wouldn’t he be private because he’s a greenhorn

  5. that's just some shitty troll, the post has over 200 comments and like 13% upvoted.

  6. Okay guys seriously, no raid I'm no trying to get banned. Mods said we can post pics of Jonathan on here for a day so lets try and do that.

  7. Raids interfere with the standard operation of other communities. All it really does is provide the usual visitors of those communities with unwanted content and make the mods of those places work overtime for no real good reason.

  8. Thank you for clarifying, I don't wanna cause any harm to this sub or any others. I didn't realize what it meant but thank you for clarifying.

  9. I mean if a girl picks your midget friend who whines all the time over you i would be hurt too

  10. his reaction is very interesting. wait a week and you'll see what i mean

  11. I thiiiiink it’s fine. Almost everybody knows already, and otherwise this is ambiguous enough that people who don’t know what’s up don’t understand it at all.

  12. It isn't a spoiler, everyone knows it. That's like saying roada rolla da is a spoiler, everyone knows it

  13. I’m basically doing a read-along with the anime, in which chapter does the MUDA happen? Next episode starts at 120/128 so I’m hoping

  14. I really hope it's longer than the steely dan beatdown. At the least it should be 40 seconds based on how the two are in the manga

  15. I'm sorry but I can't even irronically laugh at the stuff posted there. I tried going to it a few times and all the content was really unfunny. It was just some waifu shit. The only funny things on that sub I found were the reposted Jojo memes from this sub

  16. I'm in America and we only have Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, this is an outrage.

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