1. Where are the cicadas this year ?or did I miss their season?

  2. I can hear them now. Haven’t seen as many as last year though.

  3. It’s dust unless it stops midair, does a 180 and then moves on command and shows intelligence, plus emits it’s own light source.

  4. It’s obviously in no particular order 😉😀

  5. I have raised it in the arlo community board too.

  6. I saved time with lost only watched the first and last episode, saved a lot of effort and disappointment 😀

  7. The court jester? Timeline, 13th warrior? Ivanhoe, El cid?

  8. Think of the children all around the world…. Also what about ESA or the Chinese/Russian/Indian/Japanese space agencies? Don’t get this This obsession with NASA being corrupt.

  9. Was in spotlight today, apparently its expanding across the whole site

  10. I did wonder, now let’s hope they can improve getting in and out of there, maybe a 4 way junction now?

  11. Never had a problem with my arlo, but cloud backup not local so may not suit

  12. Yes, recently gone up I pay $15/month for 2 cameras. That’s 30 days worth of cloud storage. I now have the flexibility to move the cameras without rewiring plus I get to use algorithms to identify animals, package, vehicle. It can also geofence but I don’t use that myself. Recently installed a solar panel so one camera that’s slightly higher up charges itself constantly.great not having to get the ladder out to recharge it

  13. 12 angry men, a matter of life and death

  14. The shadow, Flash Gordon, the phantom, doc savage or Dick Tracy?

  15. When did we move? Why aren’t my international flights now cheaper as we are closer?

  16. Not desert strike ? that might be before 2000s

  17. Finally all those SUV owners can look smug as they have a purpose now..

  18. Good deal, personally tinker tailor is the best of the bunch for me.

  19. Bet he wasn’t present at any emergency management meetings either. Probably hunkered down at home fuming he can’t go and do his own thing rather than offer to go help, something a real leader, a mayor is supposed to do.

  20. Or scooters and skateboards. Can’t leave them out 😀

  21. The thin man, Marx bros or Mel Brooks 4K would be awesome

  22. Aside from that weird thing in the crib, that is the most calm baby I’ve ever seen lol.

  23. I’d say that’s a hair on the lens, looks to move in draft A/C? as it repeats the same motion

  24. Sunday waterfront market ones are great 😋

  25. Nighttime glider display, seen it performed live.

  26. Dan stevens? Rik Mayall or Chris o donnell?

  27. Guessing there are no rules with a cap on $/m2 for commercial landlords? would be a good way of keeping this fair? If only the government would do it. Not my field so apologies if it does exist!

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