Melee beer pong table idea

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  1. Structures like this aren't as benign as some people might think; the materials to build them are frequently acquired by what amounts to vandalism or theft. You're unlikely to find plenty of excess material lying around in a city- these days, even wood isn't cheap.

  2. I work on construction sites and can say that everything on that house looks like scrap wood from off cuts. Typically on construction sites there will be a dumpster or sometimes just a large wooden box where all the excess waste material is thrown in. He probably grabbed all his material from there. The wood being clearly new is just evident of the fact that it was taken from the off cut bin. I get reduce, reuse, recycle but the fact is that construction produces a huge amount of waste and pretty much any piece of lumber shorter than 6’ gets thrown out. As for the tools I would say it’s prejudiced to assume he stole them. Other contractors steal tools more than anyone else. Also fuck anyone that steals tools, it’s super fucking shitty.

  3. Yo you got to stop shielding as a habit. I had the same problem for a bit, once I started spot dodging and especially rolling more in those situations it really helped mentally open more defensive movement options. Sorry for the unsolicited advice on your sick three piece death combo. Drop zone knee is hella swag


  5. Are you a sider? I’ve known a few siders that have gotten that same injury.

  6. This is really next level stuff. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  7. This is blatantly misleading. This “first hand account” is just the city telling people what they want to hear so that people can feel good as the city continues to abuse its homeless population. And you fell for it. Congratulations. If you want a real first hand account maybe talk to a homeless person. I swear they are not that scary, they are regular people just like you and me. Or better yet maybe you should try not sleeping in a house for a night or two. Try sleeping in one of these “open shelter beds” and see how that goes. Seriously I have spent time with a lot of the folks down there and they are all good neighbors.

  8. French is one of the official languages spoken in Switzerland. There is no swiss language.

  9. 100 grit sandpaper ....sand sand sand ....then moisturizer

  10. ☝️This here is pretty much my hand skin care routine that works well for me. I use a file.

  11. Pregnancy and post-partum hormones are temporary, both men's and women's hormones should return to baseline within 6-9 months after birth. But that's libido in general, it doesn't change who you are as a person. If someone doesn't enjoy a specific sex act after a baby, then they probably weren't too enthusiastic about doing it before either. If their libido hasn't returned in general, then maybe there's bigger problems in your relationship you should identify and address.

  12. You really don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

  13. Yes he is. You could just start by looking up information about postpartum depression and immediately know he’s wrong about this. And there’s like a thousand different ways besides postpartum depression that people can change within the context of a marriage. You can marry someone who you are perfectly sexually compatible with, and that can change.

  14. This is the sort of shit I have anxiety about. I'm registered blind, use a cane, but I have some central vision. I even wear glasses to make the most of what sight I do have - so what do you think when you see a man walking with a cane and wearing glasses? I'm over here just trying my best but it's hard knowing that wider society can react like this about someone like Stevie and not think they'll be thinking the same thing about me.

  15. Reading this feels somewhat relatable to me. I’m on autism spectrum and have very dangerous seizures if I’m overstimulated, but I’m fairly good at appearing as just a normal guy. So it’s definitely super different from being blind, but it’s a kind of disability. I definitely encounter people who disbelieve that I have this problem and it leaves me paranoid thinking about it.

  16. I’m a carpenter. I help build houses. I provide people with housing. Landlords don’t build shit. I can’t tell whether this post is a bad joke or an actual take. Not only do landlords not provide people with housing but they create barriers for low income people. And they profit from it. Like what contribution to society do you think landlords actually provide? A carpenter provides housing, a doctor provides medical care, a barista provides coffee, etc. landlording doesnt create anything.

  17. I’m less of a fan of the texture of most voices over the phone. Most people’s voice for me ranges from feeling smooth like metal to soft smooth like silicone rubber. Most of that raw feeling is lost through translation over the phone things feel softer like plush and more dry. I love my phone conversations with loved ones but it’s no substitute for listening to their raw voice.

  18. Second this, I’ve whipped the shit out of quite a few of them asymmetric curved nuts. They’re bomber

  19. I concur. I think Either metolius underemphasize how strong some of their products are or I’m just not producing as much force with my falls as I think. The hardest whip I ever took was on my tiny 5kn rated #0 master cam and it held fine.

  20. If the move is right, does it matter if it is a political move?

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