1. That’s what I mean. OS Vilgax wants to conquer the universe with the Omnitrix but we never know why.

  2. Ehh?At least he has a goal while Agreggor just wants power just becuse he can(thats way worse motivation then Vilgaxes).

  3. UA filler isn't that bad. I hate Sunny and Nemesis, but the other episodes like Eunice and Ultimate Ben are cool.

  4. Why then show screenshots of Ditto and Upchuck that wherent in future?

  5. I think that after Ben became famous,Eddy's grandfather really understood that Max wasn't a normal plumber and Ben is one of a kind kid

  6. Ya and he knew what Max line being a Plumber can have its moments meant

  7. That’s one of the reasons I like OV, it gave a lot of transformations use

  8. Exactly, even the ones introduced in OV feel like classics after seeing them in action

  9. Totally.They get good screentime and are generally great.

  10. What UAF fanboys? Ever since blind hating on OV went out of style UAF had taken its place while praising everything OV no matter what.

  11. I used wrong term sorry I like both just UAF has its bad moments just as OV.I dont praise everything of OV it has many flaws.

  12. I understand, it’s just that I feel like there’s been a push by those that liked OV when it was the main one hated to flip the script and depict UAF as being completely flawed while defending everything OV no matter how dumb.

  13. I mean I cant really blame them if that happend to there favorite series back in the day but still needs to be stoped.Everything needs to be equal.

  14. they are forgotten, it doesn't mean you can't like them, they just rarely come to your mind and you forget them

  15. In Whampire's debut episode, he seemed to have an appetite for bugs. I'll let you figure out the rest.

  16. Masterfull design and he really feels like evoluction!!!

  17. Plus Ben called him in the middle of his hearing and Chezmuth just had evidence ready even before Ben called him

  18. My question: Does all his (Benzarro) aliens are undead version?

  19. Well zombie more to be exact.Tho Anur aliens dont seem to look that way.

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