The Madonna vs Nancy Reagan controversy

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  1. Well thank you for this unexpected point of view! I actually was worried about how close the medusa would be to my lips when I do overline them haha!

  2. Piercings heal best when they are perpendicular to the flesh. If it's at an angle I would really suggest seeing a different piercer next time. In addition, you don't want your lip jewelry to mess with your gums and teeth and an angle could be an issue with that as well.

  3. did you ever figure it out? having something similar i think

  4. I think it was after ovulation (look into types of discharge?) but it’s hard to know.

  5. Did you save any of Amy’s story/can u break down what she said please? I’m sad I missed it 🥺💞 I hope she’s ok

  6. Interesting, I have been listening to wave genre for 5-6 years which is exactly what OP is talking about (this synthwave switch) and when Boy Harsher (or She Past Away with a last album probably more synth) became famous.

  7. Thats what's held me back from trying one! Now that you got it through, its super cute :) Whats it like sleeping in it?

  8. Mine is super thin and tbh you can’t feel it at all. It does feel different when you pull it through! Maybe they mean it gets bothered when its put through 2 holes or theirs is thick?

  9. Totally! I may eventually but I think I’m going to start with one nostril and septum. So I feel like I’m deciding between drawing attention to my good side or I’m changing the bad. Just wanted to see what other people have done but it’s subjective!

  10. Thank you for these words. I feel encouraged and heard

  11. Sometimes i put “any pronouns” if that’s helpful too. I feel similarly to you and that would be hard for me too because I really don’t identify with any personally but don’t mind people using whatever.

  12. I always thought the black on the nonbinary flag stood for agender folks, but I'm surprised to see that there are peeps who are agender and don't consider themselves to be nonbinary. I believe I'm agender at times, but no matter my gender at any given moment, I know that I'm always nonbinary (I guess in my mind) and always genderfluid. I also just consider agender to be nonbinary because to be binary means you are either on one side of the spectrum or the opposite. If you're not binary, you are not on either side of the spectrum, in fact, you don't even have to be On the spectrum. You know what I mean?

  13. First, there is also an agender flag so I would use that because I identify with it more.

  14. Wow. Thank you for explaining it to me this way. I understand. I love that you bring up it has its own flag. There are a lot of gender fluid people in the nonbinary who frequently experience an agender self, but do not solely identify with the agender flag. That would include me personally. I don't know whether it should be on the non-binary flag now. I'm sorry I grouped you into something you have no part in.

  15. I appreciate the discussion and your understanding. I do think there is solidarity between nonbinary and agender people, but this identity does not fully overlap for everyone—I do think many appreciate a place on the nonbinary flag just as trans can be inclusive of nonbinary people!

  16. Apparently the brand of it is lip service but i imagine it would be difficult to find anywhere online, not to mention expensive. So I’m basically asking to see if you guys know of any similar tops?

  17. Do you have an update on if any are better than Loreal Double Extend?

  18. The good parts of him weren’t real. Everything he did was for his ego. It was never about you. He was fully focused on his own feelings. You need to mourn what you thought he could have been but never was and never will be. He is not capable.

  19. Ah I have an irritation pump my piercer said is likely from water , just told me to properly dry the area after showering or cleaning , so I think I’m over drying because it’s not going away

  20. You can fan it or use the cool setting on a dryer. Make sure your hair is away from it. Non woven gauze is okay but not worth the effort imo. I let mine air dry.

  21. Thanks I’ll try that , I wonder what my piercer meant by water irritation then

  22. A moist environment can bother it if it doesn’t dry all the way, could be that. Rinsing with warm water in the shower is good so I would continue that too.

  23. I tried checking online for the amount of sodium chloride in it, but it needs to be 0.9%. If you can confirm that, then yeah it should be fine since it doesn’t have any other additives.

  24. It actually says it is sterile, but finding out that it has more than 0.9% saline means I probably won't use it anyway. Thanks!

  25. Ah I only saw “purified” not sterile. But yes, that’s probably best since too much saline can dry our your skin which isn’t great for healing. It’s frustrating that good saline sprays aren’t easily accessible at the drugstore!

  26. Look for a pale yellow or fair peach color. If your circles are more blue than purple a pink/peach should be best (I have both). Many color correctors are too deep for us so pay attention to the depth. Right now I’m using some from Makeup Revolution. The Armani corrector is very good without makeup and lasts a long time if you want to splurge.

  27. if the 3 ear piercings are doing well i don’t see why the nose piercings would be an issue. I would definitely give it a full 6 months like the piercer recommended for sure

  28. I want to be careful so I agree. Just wondering if I can get more within 12 months since noses heal a bit faster. I don’t want to push it though.

  29. I had four cartilage and 1 lobe piercing within a span of 2 months n it was fine.

  30. Noses heal faster kinda like lobes I think so I am curious if I should wait another 6 months before getting more. I don’t want to put extra stress on my ears but I’ve waited a long time to get these and I finally know what I want (and my work allows it).

  31. The initial post was tacky and dumb. I wish people had ignored it. But a lot of supposedly progressive people should be embarrassed about how they have reacted.

  32. Also so many Hollywood actresses “trading sex for roles” were being sexually exploited. It really makes these jokes not so funny.

  33. There is a very good chance that it is just a nasty rumor. The source is not at all reliable. But so many people here are taking it as a fact.

  34. Yes, thank you for pointing that out because I haven’t seen anyone else mention the source.

  35. Honestly those don’t look like they would hold up well. Can you not get something secondhand or at an army surplus store?

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