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  1. not the entire match, but rather at the end of the payload (the last checkpoint) i was making some buildings, but for some reason my brain decided to use the texas truckin taunt for no reason.

  2. Ah, well some extreme tryhard does vote kick player for some small random shit sometimes, or maybe because you are not playing to their standards, and most players does press f1 automatically without knowing why the player are being kicked.

  3. yea, i see why people would do that, they would usually think its a bot or something with a very pecuiliar name, which reminds me of a similar event where someone votekicked me out because i backstabbed a couple of friendlies (i don't know why i did it, i just did for no apparent reason, do i regret it? idk.)

  4. WAIT! i've seen Yolo's Personal Medic before, i seen him alot in dustbowl, i don't really recall him being racist though.

  5. its a very common hat you can find actually, its mostly known to be worn by f2p users (who are fucking gigachads btw)

  6. tf2s playerbase is 50% edgy 14 year olds 20% lgbt and 30% speedygonzales.2007

  7. i wish there was an update where you can change all the tf2 classes genders

  8. Also what about the other classes’ domination lines for this character?

  9. with the amount of success i have given from making this post, this post is basically like my reddit account's magnum opus, but i think with the popularity i've given i could potentially form my own small community with the only goal of making entertaining webcomics, and hopefully receive a cult following, because of this image and post.

  10. Shoutout to Beetster in the game chat. You rock, dude.

  11. Look at his mouse flickering, bro is shivering irl from the adrenaline, this is the first time the little timmy will get such a big attention in his entire life, he is thinking about his reddit post that will get him many updoots. He might get addicted from this experience

  12. I’m too lazy to make that cartoon “is this” meme.

  13. doesn't seem like it, though they should make an adaption of the crash bandicoot franchise though.

  14. No they have conflicting equip reigons

  15. Petition to make the reddit picture “Charlie.jpeg”?

  16. i know its been 10 years but yea it probably would be nice to see it.

  17. And they always target people who can defend themselves the least. LGBT people, furries, actual children, etc. If you need to attack someone defenseless to make you feel strong, maybe it's time to go outside and touch some grass

  18. actual children is where i genuinely cross the line, what kind of sick and twisted bitch would want to mess with an actual child? a person under 18, EVEN UNDER FUCKING 13?!!?! whoever wants to raid some child's stream, i think instead of touching grass, how about instead you touch a fucking rock.

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