1. Section 230 protects any companies that have user-generated content. That includes social media, but also things like comment sections on news websites. Or chats in games.

  2. This comment should be required reading for any discussion about section 230. Bravo.

  3. The CIA has a venture capital firm?

  4. Nope. Unless you live in a rural area that isn't regularly plowed, you don't need them. There is plenty of advanced warning about snow so if you need to get food, etc, you have time. In 30 years living in Aunurn, Camillus, and Syracuse, I have never been snowed in for more than a day.

  5. They surely are, and the only bottleneck at the moment is battery life, but I don't trust Google. The Pixel line lasting 7 generations is an exception to their rule, not the norm.

  6. Do you use Apple Watch with Android? If so, how's the experience?

  7. I liked having a smart watch especially when I traveled. I could text while walking through airports--speech to text worked well enough even at a whisper. Getting notifications on my watch, and a few other things like controlling music playback were pretty useful. Convenient. I wish more app devs wrote for Android Wear but I understand why they didn't.

  8. yeah it’s ok but i just remembered i dont have to answer these for you, but for me. anyways i’ll ask you if i don’t know something

  9. If you see dots it means you're in focus, so good!

  10. The dots I’m talking about are planets, i used the star view app to make sure.

  11. OK, were they clearly defined dots? If so, then good. They they were blurry dots, then you need to focus or perhaps collimate, or align, the mirrors.

  12. That could be super creepy. Imagine the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park, but with the raptors hissing the kids names while looking for them.

  13. Probably a lot of reasons. Can't get funding because then chance of picking up a signal from another source is incredibly small. Space in increadibly vast and distances between stars is huge.

  14. It should be every parent thread’s right to terminate a child thread… no matter how old said child thread may be.

  15. Not according to AI-SCOTUS. Only the Scheduler make that determination.

  16. See when you use platitudes like "bubble wrap the world" it make me think you actually dont have sympathy for depressed individuals

  17. The sympathy/empathy comes in the last sentence where they ask at least one of the right questions.

  18. it creates echo chambers. if your message is being deplatformed your weak messaging hasn’t found it’s audience.

  19. Wait for people in this sub to complain about it because it could build affordable housing or something.

  20. When my department lost two people (out of a three person department), I did not start working extra long hours to make up for the shortcoming, nor did I "hustle" like a madman. I continued to work at the same reasonable pace that I always worked at. It's not like they could fire me for actually doing my damn job. No one else could do it and it wasn't something you could just drop someone in cold.

  21. Agreed. The answer to "do more work" is "hire more people."

  22. Clouds. That's pretty much it. We have a lot of clouds.

  23. Yes, you can find lots of useful information on the internet. Including how to answer your homework question.

  24. I wonder what the useful life is of the sails. Carbon fiber isn't exactly green material so theonger they last the more environmental benefit is gained.

  25. Oh! Curious what the physics behind the difference would be - uneven heating on the stovetop, maybe, because only the one side gets heated?

  26. Every era has its ludites. Pretty sure someone said the same stuff about the Gutenberg press.

  27. The Gutenberg press destroyed both the Illimunated Manuscripts and traveling bard industries1.

  28. You need to crank down the knobs so the springs are tensioned basically all the way down. Then go ahead and adjust the limit switch bracket or CR/BL touch sensor so that is your new bottom. It has been a common issue on CR10s to have the limit switch way to high from the factory, it’s a kinda crazy they went so many generations without fixing the issue.

  29. This is what I did after I loosened a knob to the point it fell off.

  30. Not the person you asked, but here's my answers:

  31. The most I do is multiple windows usually topic or project based. And they tend to be short lived. A day or so. If I need them longer, I save them as a group.

  32. Try both, but I'm not sure they will seal up like Italian pasta will. If they don't seal you'll just have a mess on your hands.

  33. But is this the way Thais usually use the term, or does it usually refer to a kind of bread? Does it literally mean "round round"?

  34. I don't know. Goto a Thai restaurant and ask? Now I'm curious.

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