1. I first thought this was a photo of a younger James Marsters.

  2. Stefan and Lexi never learn that Damon set Lexi up to die. Stefan likely would have actually killed Damon if Stefan had known that.

  3. Why doesn't Daniel here learn a trade and become an actual plumber. They make more than $24/hr.

  4. I wouldn't say Elena was shocked that Stefan was breaking up with her in 4x06. She knew what was happening, understood his side, knew she had romantic feelings for Damon, and ultimately agreed to the Stelena break up.

  5. Elena in TVD 4.23 wouldn't have considered Stefan was an option for her given what happened in TVD 4.06-4.22.

  6. Why do people on this sub hate everything so much?

  7. Everything is relative. A bad BtVS episode would be a great-to-excellent episode on almost any other TV show.



  10. Marc Blucas always seems like such a wholesome delight

  11. What's in this comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

  12. We know from SE S1 what Maeve used to listen to. With her new living situation, possibly new financial situation, and with the Go to America thing and Maeve's seeming truly college/university bound, would Maeve's music tastes change? Would she listen to less angsty and whatnot music?

  13. What's in this comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

  14. Part 2 I may not have many supporters for my extreme dislike of the later seasons but it kills me how , to me, the show has fallen so far from what it used to be. It used to be a very well written show exploring new relational dynamics applicable to every type of relationship but s2 and 3 , to a pandering degree, have become a "we have to check every box" mentality. Main problem with s2 and 3 , introducing wayyy too many characters at once and believing we could care about 6 or 7 new characters without the work being put into them. The subplots of Eric and Adam separately and together was beautifully done and paced excellently while other later subplots felt very forced for the sake of inclusion and therefor didn't land as strongly as season1 stories did

  15. What's in this comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

  16. I've always reasoned that it was Buffy's plan for Giles to kill Ben and Giles at least subconsciously knew that.

  17. When? Xena has human strength, just uses a magic weapon. She can fight better than Buffy but Buffy also had a mystical weapon now and is stronger and has more stamina

  18. Xena in an early episode broke iron chains out of stone wall or whatever.

  19. Majorie Taylor-Green doesn't deserve to be referred to as MTG.

  20. Fray is like a well-written blockbuster movie but done for a comic book. It showed how talented a writer Joss Whedon is and how much he cares about the Buffyverse.

  21. I couldn't agree more and I love where he took the character in season 12. I just love this book so much

  22. Yeah, given what Joss had to work with (Season 10 and Season 11), Season 12 was surprisingly excellent.


  24. It’s funny because she got closer to ending the world than almost anyone else. 😭

  25. Well, there's a short list of those who were world-endingly evil. Even Glory simply wanted to do home and the Earth dimension would have simply become even more of a hell dimension.

  26. RESPONSE TO THE ORIGINAL POST (and thus the THREAD as well):

  27. I could see Leighton Murray majoring in math and political science. She could end up in high finance and/or politics.

  28. What's in this comment is what I remember, my opinions, etc.

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