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  1. I hope Katie doesn't mind me sharing a little. If anyone is in the northeastern US and can help even a little. I think a place to get warm, maybe a hot drink and a hug would go a long way. I'm on the opposite coast but I'd be happy to provide if she were closer.

  2. I’m not in the Northeastern US but I would be willing to spend my energy just trying to call around with anyone I can find and see if someone can offer a nice warm place and such???

  3. Wakefield Mass. I posted another thread to try and get her some help.

  4. I’m going to email some people in Massachussets to see if there’s anything they can do. Could I possibly DM you if I get a reply?

  5. These would make lovely PICC line covers and wouldn’t need much alteration for that. Then donate them to a relevant charity!

  6. They let Jennifer Gale, a trans woman, freeze to death.

  7. why would you be excited about getting hate crimed?

  8. For a completely honest reply…I use mobility aids and if someone yelled “cripple!” at me I suppose I would be kind of excited about it? I mean, it would be a story to tell people. It’s such a weird thing to call someone, I would probably laugh quite a bit.

  9. Unless you are at the very least a millionaire I don't see any reason why anyone would rather live in the USA. It's a country where the middle-class gets exploited in favor of the rich in each and every aspect of life.

  10. I mean, in California the cost of living is over 40 percent higher than the national average. It is difficult to live there, yes, but not financially comparable to most of the United States.

  11. The last time I saw a poll everyone was like "idk what category I actually am, but I picked x" and I think that's the problem. No one actually knows how they fit into the different categories.

  12. This makes sense. I don’t call myself housebound because I can leave the house about once every week or two as long as I’m careful and seated.

  13. Thank you for this. I miss reading. But I’ve learned to knit with my eyes closed and it’s great!!

  14. I cannot tell you from the photos whether or not you have ME/CFS, because the spoon theory can be applied to other conditions and can include increased fatigue in flair ups which can be triggered by types of exertion. PEM is specific to ME/CFS, but the nature of it is a bit difficult to describe sometimes. Using up spoons and having none the next day is typical of a variety of diagnoses.

  15. That COVID, much like the common flu, is really only dangerous to the elderly or people with multiple other comorbidity conditions (e.g. obesity.) The risk to a young, healthy person is almost zero.

  16. This page focusses on mortality, which is not the only danger of COVID. Something can harm you without killing you.

  17. Chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome are not the same thing whatsoever. Chronic fatigue is just one symptom of CFS, and not even the main one. It’s a systemic condition, it’s just given a terribly misleading name. I usually call it Myalgic Encephalomyelitis because people completely misunderstand it otherwise.

  18. I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis myself, and while I haven’t scrolled through this guys posts yet, but would definitely have to disagree with questioning whether or not Long COVID is a thing.

  19. Perhaps see if there is a local online group for chronically ill people if they have recommendations or have experiences with potential doctors you could see.

  20. Massage voucher might be good if you tell her that you can schedule it yourself on a day of her choice, then bring her there? Or a nice pair of noise cancelling headphones, and unless her eating is highly restrictive, a gift card for Doordash or a similar food delivery service.

  21. Guarantee you that most of the people screaming about eugenics in the comments here would absolutely LOATHE living with a serious disability.

  22. I live with a serious disability and can barely leave the house and I still am “screaming about eugenics” actually, and many other people are the same. My disability makes me passionate about this topic.

  23. The problem isn’t about your choice not to have kids, but expecting other people not to have kids in order to eradicate disability. Like if you were to look at an autistic parent and call them selfish for being a parent. The striving for complete genetic purity, expectation of disabled people to be childless, and view of disabled children as burdens with no hope in life, is the problem.

  24. There’s a pretty long list of things that can be comorbid with POTS. I would try to see if you can find doctor recommendations in your area—are there any online chronic illness groups near you? Sadly it’s very difficult to navigate conditions such as EDS with doctors. If you can connect with local patients, they might be able to help you navigate that better.

  25. Christ came to save those who were broken, sinful, needy. You are loved by him. Thirteen is such a difficult age and I wish I could say that this mental spiral will vanish, I don’t know if it will or not, but in the face of eternity it will. You are hurting. Go to Jesus. I’m praying for you.

  26. Hi! It sounds like you have hypersomnia. I would recommend trying to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about that (such as a neurologist) to help you with treatment as you figure out the root cause. I take Modafinil and would sleep all day without it. Definitely get a sleep study done.

  27. Young people's desire to go into healthcare. We won't realize it for a generation or so, but healthcare in America was already chronically understaffed. The pandemic burning out medical professionals and discouraging young people from going into healthcare is going to have a negative effect on the quality of healthcare, not only in the United States, but other hard-hit countries, too.

  28. I’ve thought about going into med school if I ever miraculously am cured of my COVID-induced chronic illnesses. Right now I can’t even hold up online classes for much easier topics. But in that circumstance, I would want to give back to the people like me. There’s a huge shortage of doctors who can treat my situation and it’s a problem.

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