Teen boys on this Subreddit,I beg you,don’t believe in what Andrew Tate says and never worship him like a God,cause he isn’t one.

I'm in this with you.

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Även du kostar en jäkla massa skattepengar, men ändå kan du inte stava ordentligt.

  2. I had the same problems with my girl, still do to some extent. Even though she’s now lived with me for well over a year.

  3. Such a cutie!! For some reason Arlo popped into my head when I saw him

  4. I like Andrew tate because he's an interesting character. Do I agree with most of what he says? Nope not at all. But after all those radical crazy feminists and neo liberals from 2014-2019 it's kinda refreshing to see a guy say extremist stuff.

  5. There are literal forums and subreddits dedicated to hating women? You just haven’t been subjected to it, probably because you’re not a woman. It’s not refreshing at all, it’s scary.

  6. I always exclaim “ooOOOOoO BIIIIG STRETCH” when I catch her doing it👀

  7. Thank you for all the nice comments, I shall give him butt scratches from all of you!

  8. More like 180-185k , for the pink ,float and corner !i guess guy upper is trying to shark you . For 150 keys guys are selling Karambits Tiger Tooth (check the posts on reddit ) or better check for how much guys posted their Karambits Doppler p2 like yours (average price is 180 keys)

  9. oh demn probably shouldn't have put that I'm shite at this stuff lol.

  10. It's an old desk from IKEA ( not a very good one ).

  11. make sure both monitors have the vesa screw holes. if your monitors are different(especially in size) and if money isn't tight, I recommend getting one where the height of each monitor can be individually adjusted!

  12. Alright thanks will do! And yeah I'll definitely go for one where they can be individually adjusted as they're not the exact same size.

  13. i have the same keyboard, is yours the mx speed version or the mx brown version?

  14. What keyboard is it, it looks like a k95

  15. Fuck, used to have his songs on repeat back in 2011 :(

  16. Yes not wanting to look at pictures of mutilated genitals or infants who have had their head smashed in makes me a virgin.

  17. A lot of people hack in casual in order to get level 3 fast, test their cheats or to just piss people off.

  18. The exact thing happened to me, comments reaching back from 2010 to 2012 just disappared one day after Steam had been acting strange ( Wouldn't let me log in and said I had no internet connection, though I could log into my other account ) :c

  19. Hopefully they'll add so you can turn down the volume on certain people. I've already had several encounters where my teammates mics are so loud it drowns any other sound :/

  20. Should a rapists mother make a rape cake for her child?

  21. Why would you even begin to compare that to this? It's a cake.. A FRIKKIN CAKE. geez

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