1. Im always seeing 350z's, 240sx's and corvettes I'd absolutely love to see more Z31's and Z32's, or an outback with no front axles

  2. Looks great man just needs stairs and ladders

  3. Dodge stratus coupe, it's really just a 3G eclipse with a different front and rear end, cars are so similar the doors swap over and you can bolt the front ends of each car onto each other

  4. im gonna check out those raceland ones. the ones i saw were from MaXpeedingrods

  5. Do not get Maxpeeding rods, I've put them on customer cars and then they come back 6 months to a year later and they are blown or the top hats are popping and binding

  6. Those headlights and taillights are not it bro, and go with some truehart coilovers nor cheap shitty springs because I'm sure your shocks need replacing to, while your at it get tie rods, and sway bar endlinks... don't cheap out on your suspension!!!

  7. I need some recommendations on parts tbh

  8. Wheels, tires, suspension refresh kit "tie rods, sway bar end links, controll arm bushings/ball joints", camber kit, coilovers (don't cheap out either it's not worth it get some 400$+ coilovers), cold air intake, headers, and a short throw shifter if it's stick, and if it's an auto save for a manual swap

  9. Soo what's a necessary thing I'm new ish well kinda new i recently bought it like 4 months ago, oh yeah is there a modification for the seat ?

  10. Necessary thing would be oil change every 3000-4000 miles and what do you mean "modification for the seat"

  11. The SE 200sx V6 is 100× better than any 86

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  13. America never got the fairlady you just have a 280zx

  14. man... there goes my awesome joke :(


  16. Just noticed the wing if only you could customize them like that it's a shame you cant get the super rare ones like this anymore

  17. Yeah I got extremely lucky and managed to get my hands on this one. Bodystyle 253 if you're interested

  18. Are you saying you can give the car to me?!

  19. Scion tc, first generation ford focus, z31 300zx

  20. All the auto transmissions they put in the 6th gens go bad eventually I'm sure now it's time for yours to go how many miles on your car? I'm sure around 150,000-125,000

  21. Nice man that's actually pretty crazy that it just now started giving out, I'd listen to the other guys about the solenoids and stuff

  22. i wish they made more targa top cars. so good

  23. Its not a targa top it's a tbar roof/T top very different from a targa top

  24. Dont get a v6 is all I can say, the transmissions are bad real bad I have a 2001 V6 Coupe and my trans is literally unbelievable

  25. I actually had the chance to speak with him at my school and asked him "what do you think about the events that took place January 6th 2021" his reply was "this is quite a hard question to awnser..... I do not belive it was an insurrection" and went on about how there were no weapons found or confiscated and how nobody got yet there were deaths and literally bombs found

  26. wow commenting on my one year old post, lol Happy cake day though

  27. Yes and I'm here a year later to, to tell you the car pictured is a RB20DET powered JDM only 200zr not a 300zx

  28. hm as a z31 owner, i just thought the 300zx could come with the rb in Japan didn't know it was under a different sub model

  29. There was a 200z, 200zg, 200zs (all had a vg20et) then the 200zr (rb20det) then you had your 300zx, 300zx turbo (vg30e/vg30et) and then the 300zr (vg30de sadly not a 3L rb witch would have been sick)

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