1. Is the only place to get the Plaga Zombie Trilogy with that slipcover off of Severin site?

  2. Yeah just their site. I usually get their bundles.

  3. Forgive if you already answered this, but as someone who also has at times watched 3-5/6 movies in one day on a very regular basis (also for the love) my question is —

  4. Wow I really appreciate this! I rewatch regularly but most of my daily viewing are stuff I haven't seen or releases I haven't opened (but have previously seen elsewhere). I have been thinking of doing some reselling. Also I'm getting shelves soon I just keep putting it off.

  5. Does 12 Monkeys now automatically come with the replacement disc?

  6. What was wrong with the disc? I just bought the 4K at B&N but haven’t watched it yet

  7. So it's A very small flaw I think during an airport scene where footage loops or doesn't the audio doesn't match. Something like that I'm not exactly sure.

  8. I have the new 4K release and I highly recommend it.

  9. I got the bundle. I am really intrigued by the Bollywood Horror Set! I was surprised the box set was over 100 bucks by itself. 102 to be exact. I love Mondo Macabro!

  10. I know that they probably wouldn't with the second one as it was shot on super 16. 16mm films are not likely to get a 4k upgrade due to the source resolution being nowhere near 4k equivalent to begin with. Scanning super 16 at 2k is the equivalent to scanning 35mm at 4k. I don't see them giving the second one a 4k treatment as it doesn't have the detail to warrant it.

  11. Is it still being sold in this packaging?

  12. I thought both of these films were great!

  13. Is this available for preorder anywhere yet???

  14. I have all of these except They Live, Prince of Darkness, and the Final Countdown

  15. I would love to worship those titties!!!

  16. I hate slip covers super annoying to take it off to get the disc out. I'll usual toss the whole slip cover away as soon as I get home. If it's shinny or maybe different I'll cut it up to size of the case and slip it under the plastic.

  17. Fuck dude I need to start preordering with Shout Factory instead of Amazon. I got my Childs Play pretty early when I ordered straight from them !

  18. Yeah is this available for preorder yet wow

  19. Yeah man I have already set up the return!

  20. Xboxes choke on 100gb discs for some reason. Don't ask me why, but the fix I found was to disable 24hz support under video modes in display options.

  21. Well my Xbox plays the SF Halloween 4k (Which is a BD-100) just fine. SMH

  22. This is from Grindhouse Releasing's newest email newsletter, which I got about 10 minutes ago. I'm so excited about The Beyond in 4K!

  23. I also received this email super stoked! Lol I just bought their Bluray of The Beyond but I'm all in on the 4k!

  24. How was Crimes of the future? I do love Cronenberg.

  25. I thought it was really good myself, I just watched it.

  26. Synapse's Suspiria is at the very top of the format. It's been out for almost 3 years and it is still considered to be the go-to reference disc for what's possible with UHD and HDR.

  27. Honestly I don't know if imma wait or not the CO release looks pretty dope! It's a combo pack Digi pack with alot of extras!! I'm really torn and impatient. LOL

  28. I was gonna say Female Prisoner Scorpion but you've seen that! Stray Cat Rock... I own that collection but have not yet watched! I also have Dead or alive collection but have yet to watch that either so I'm useless.

  29. I love VS and will proudly shout their name at anybody who will or won't listen, but IMO this sale feels on par with what Shout likes to do.

  30. yeah this is the first annual summer sale I wasn't expecting much. Halfway sale just happened and Black Friday is around the corner.

  31. excited for that bonus feature! don’t know much about either but looking forward to checking it out

  32. Yeah I am missing the poster... what should we do?

  33. I emailed Wild Eye (Visual Vengeance parent company) customer service. Haven’t gotten a reply back yet.

  34. They got back to me and are supposed to send me a poster

  35. I getting it for sure I'm in the US. I have the Criterion Bluray so I'm going to this as an upgrade!

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