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  1. Quickly asking if you have a ring or a stud? Rings move too much and are known to cause irritation to the healing piercing hole. It took me 9 months before I could comfortably switch to a ring without the hole getting irritated. The skin inside of your mouth is very sensitive and moves a lot. Perhaps talk to your piercer to see if your piercing is the right length for your mouth, as this might also cause it to move too much and cause irritation.

  2. Hi, its a long 5/16th 16g stud to allow room for swelling!

  3. It might not be related. I had my septum, nose and tongue pierced in the past. The nose wouldn’t take and my jewelry would always work it’s way out at night. My tongue and septum are fine. I believe the hole is still there for the septum. I had friends that would get lumps and bumps with their labret and brow piercings.

  4. Thank you! I really hope it's not due to lupus but reading everyone else's comments about their sensitivity it makes me want to give up hope and just take out the piercing

  5. I've had weight gain :( no advice just chiming in as another lupus individual

  6. Same here. Diagnosed September 2021. Once I started hydroxychloroquine in December, I've gained around 30 lbs. And I haven't taken any cortisone at all. I'm eating the same...well, actually eating less & have added more veggies and water. And the added weight is just making my joint pain worse.

  7. Same! I've fully cut out alcohol and I've even started going to the gym. I've lost about 10 lbs since going to the gym but the hydroxychroloquine and methotrexate make it difficult to find the energy and motivation! I gained about 60 lbs

  8. Where do you get your Chinese herbs??? Are there any in particular I recommend? I have been incorporating some herbs but I need to learn quick!

  9. I was able to go to the gym for cardio for 50 minutes and able to help my fiance wash both our dogs! I don't feel amazing but I do feel productive!

  10. Ask your doctor! I use a cane whenever I have bad flares. I know one day ima use a wheelchair and I think I might need a caregiver lol I'm trying to get a disability plaque for my car

  11. How do you go about getting a disability plaque for your car? I literally can't stand summers and the hot sun when I have to park in the very back, I usually get a flare later that day. It's become to the point where my partner has to drop me off at the front of the store.

  12. I would respectfully disagree. I think this is a bit of a stereotype/generalization. I have yet to meet any Asians, or even specifically Chinese people who mistreat their animals, whether it ranges from farm animals to classic household domesticated dogs/cats.

  13. Were you prescribed Rhematrex because hydroxychloroquine isn't helping with your symptoms? I have been on Plaquenil for 5 months now with minimal changes to my lupus symptoms and have been wondering what is next...

  14. Yes! I have been on hydroxychroloquine for about 7 months with very little change. My swelling hasn't gone down and nothing within my fatigue or other symptoms have changed. My doctor put me on rhematrex and folic acid supplements as the next step.

  15. I tolerated the physical side effects of MTX incredibly well, especially once I got started on injections. When I took the tablets, I needed to rest the next day and I had some digestive side effects as well. With the injections, I was mostly just tired the day I took them. My blood counts were all stable, and my WBCs never dipped super-low.

  16. I have severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and bipolar. Would any of these in your experience affect my meds? I appreciate the in depth reply as this made me feel better about the physical side effects!

  17. Did you take any steroid? When I was diagnosed I was put on prednisone which gave me moon face (I got so depressed). When I stopped taking it my face returned to normal. You just have to make sure you slowly tapper the dosage down and not suddenly stop taking it.

  18. I'm not on any steroids right now so it may be a different issue! Thank you!!

  19. i get the classic moon face when i’m on a high dosage of steroids/cortisone but it’s always a temporary side effect that goes aways as i taper off my meds. perhaps it could the water retention that it’s giving you swelling in the face

  20. Do you know the difference between moon face and water retention?? I didn't know they were two dif things

  21. I’m sorry that is your experience. I’m really hoping mine is different, I seriously can’t live like this anymore. I have a 5 y/o and cannot be a present mom the way I want to, so I’m banking on the medication working. I’ll hope to God it ends up even being a placebo for me, I’ll take anything at this point even if it’s my own self manifesting it/making it happen. 🥹 our situations are very similar (re: your last paragraph) except I have the butterfly left and the blood work to show, just not enough. It’s very frustrating. I hope you get the answers/resolution you need soon cause I’m hoping I will, it’ll definitely set me free.

  22. It's super difficult to be diagnosed for lupus so I understand your situation! Just have hope and remember there are plenty of us that continue a life with lupus.

  23. Yes! I have went the anti inflammatory route, not necessarily a diet but just trying to learn what to avoid and what not to. I know it’s a shitty excuse but - working out isn’t an option for me. Yes I’m sure I can find the will power but I’m just so tired, I physically can’t and when I try it makes me ill. I just try to do walks that aren’t pressing and follow some kind of guide with food. Tumeric has been my best friend these days - I juiced some ginger & tumeric with orange & lemon and enjoy it thoroughly. 🫶

  24. Haha I feel that! Exercise is barely an option for me as I have arthritis in my ankles and hips and the fatigue is almost too much. I just try to make sure I walk at least 5k steps a day even if it is around the house and neighborhood.

  25. Yes- I experience dizzy spells and intense fatigue coupled with Daly headaches. Eating less greasy food and cutting out sugary drinks and consuming more water has helped me!

  26. Honestly, I think the same thing. It gets me so turned on!!

  27. For cleaning, I have personally used neilmed saline spray and Neosporin! It has worked wonders for me!

  28. This is such a cool fucking concept, you're an amazing artist

  29. 8 yr old me. To be wanted and needed by someone

  30. This is an amazing cosplay oh my god you nailed it

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