1. LaRue was the most premium/gucci handguard in the early 2000's. No one made rails even close to the same quality at the time and still now very few companies do. My stealth upper that I bought in 2006 is still the most accurate and reliable ar15 that I own. It's crazy that people would call BCM "gucci". BCM came into the scene as the cheapest built upper in the market at the time priced at around $350. Larue kind of fell off mostly because quad rails went out of style along with Mark Larue's abrassiveness tended to turn people off.

  2. you're gonna have a problem with the sb2040 and the two piece design that only works with a clockwork2. There isn't yet any redesigned extruder housing on the stealthburner that works with lgxlite + two piece hartk board or sb2040.

  3. welcome to a prolonged 2 year nightmare.

  4. It’s just the sheer amount of problems you encounter in this hobby the first two years before your tank will even look good can be a nightmare. Most people will give up before then

  5. larue quadrails used to be thee beees knees.

  6. holy shit i hope you love phosphates

  7. Fish are too small. I have one that is constantly cleaning my large tangs and angel

  8. Cleaner wrasse are kinda retarded anyway. For instance when I feed my fish, instead of going for the pellets or flakes my cleaner wrasse will start eating any algae on the glass. Like every time.

  9. why do people buy these? Aren't DI cartridges like $30 each or something?

  10. $20, but the entire system is only $69. I was pretty tapped after getting the rest of my tank setup. When you have a small tank and not a lot of extra cash, it's a pretty good deal. I only need about 12 gallons of water a month. I've had the current cartridge since June, and it's not half used. So $20 a year is pretty reasonable. From what I've seen, it's possible to replace the di material yourself. The cartridge has a screw top. I haven't had to mess with it yet, though.

  11. icic thats not too bad then.

  12. This doesn’t even look oem

  13. Serious question though, who would possibly take on the kind of unimaginable responsibility of running a company the size and complexity of Apple for $1 million or so?

  14. Ceo position aren’t applied for. A ceo gets chosen.

  15. Yeah given that was his role before Steve Jobs passed he better be

  16. I have a 350 plate and used to run it at 60% as per recommended but I now run it at 70% and it has not warped. I have heard that 100% is fine.

  17. You shouldn't track how much you spend. There are plenty of other ways that this hobby will give you a heart attack. Also you need one more radion for this size tank and 4x MP40's are better.

  18. I like tracking, wish somebody showed me this when I started. Instead I've been buying and adding things to my spreadsheet on my own.

  19. I wouldn't have gotten into the hobby had I known. Lol wait is this your tank but you're on an alt?

  20. Last year around the same time they let 10,000 go. A lot of these jobs are seasonal

  21. Any info on the tank itself ? Manufactuer ? Acrylic/Glass? Flow?

  22. Take out the Blue reef chromis. They are schooling fish and one on its own is going to have a bad time.

  23. They usually kill eachother until one is left anyways. Single Chromis do just fine alone. I'd be more cautious to add a chromis due to uronema which is the worst.

  24. If you want coconut carbon you can just cut up a 5 micron reverse osmosis carbon filter which are really cheap

  25. Best type of carbon you can get is called rox 0.8 carbon

  26. can't wait to destroy my perfectly tuned and working voron for this upgrade for this multiple month upgrade.

  27. the twist is likely on the extrusion at the back of the gantry where the ab motors are. Actually, thats is where it always is.

  28. sometimes I get this issue when qgl doesn't work no matter what I do. This is usually because one of the Z corners is much lower than the others. It's usually fixed by manually lifting the gantry up so that one isn't way lower than the other.

  29. Yeah this happened to me too in the same spot , luckily I caught it in time.

  30. What are you selling here? shattered dreams?

  31. This has been asked before, but which App is there to be recommended for Belt Tuning on Android? I've used spectroid but I am not sure if I should look for the peaks and hold the mic in the direction of the belt, the sound of the belt is almost indistinguishable from the background noise sometimes.

  32. I can’t find anything by that name. Can you elaborate?

  33. Sorry I meant gates carbon drivre

  34. I also had approx 100 parcels… :-) Souring and deliver took more than 4 month, plus 2 month realized when I had realized I forgot or ordered the wrong items.. but can’t count that into the price of the printer.

  35. Pain in the ass. But I know now which parts are good, where saving money hurts and where I should spent more :P

  36. heh for those who do want to self source, here iis my spreadsheet to keep track of things.

  37. This is what it looks like when you have a twisted extrusion on your gantry. Have you crashed your hotend into the bed?

  38. If it’s a dark brown, It’s a leucocheilus tang

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