1. yeah the one in self. could you see the post and what I've written down?

  2. That's so weird I never did anything to it. Maybe the mods did it?

  3. Maybe sorry not rlly sure. You could try just posting it again maybe you miss clicked and didn't realize

  4. en lo personal, cuando alguien me interesa trato de estar con el o ella seguido sin que esa persona me busque, pero cuando solo quiero ser amigos siempre me buscan yo solo soy amable y hablo con ellos, esas personas siempre me coquetean y yo trato de mostrar desinterés para que no suceda nada y terminar con una amistad, pero esas personas toman mi desinterés y amabilidad como un tipo de coqueteo y se vuelve muy incomoda la situación, he llegado de rechazar públicamente a las personas para que no sigan insistiendo y nunca sirve, siempre confunden todo con coqueteo.

  5. People will show you who they are. Believe it the first time! Don’t talk yourself out of it.

  6. Completely agree. My grandmother had a terrible life when she was younger because of ignoring the red flags

  7. It kinda turned into an inside joke with the family. Now when she shows up sometimes ppl will joke with her saying "AAAH DONT TURN AROUND" or "IS IT SAFE YET??"

  8. Being in the last months of life, I can't move much anymore and am in constant pain, my joys have become very small. Mostly, the beauty of nature, the birds in the trees, a big blue sky, sitting on the porch and watching my young cats playing in the garden, my two dogs and their goofiness and OCD dedication to the tennis balls, they make me laugh still. I only cook a couple of times a week but sit at my coffee table and do all the prep. I enjoy cooking still. A good book that takes me away. I like a glass of wine occasionally and a movie. Its the home stuff now that still gives me pleasure.

  9. You sound like a really nice lady. I'm really sorry about what you're going through

  10. Simple things. Cancelled plans. Waking up without an alarm. Wordle. Hearing my kids share good news about their lives. Peaceful cool mornings on my back porch with the dog, coffee and newspaper, birds going tweet tweet.

  11. I actually had to check your profile because everything you said sounded just like my grandma lol. Except her name isn't Gloria

  12. Oh mine would definitely be a band called King Guru. Not very popular but definitely one of my favorite indie bands

  13. The skeleton orders a beer but it's gonna fall straight through since he's a skeleton...

  14. The more aroused a women is the tighter her vagina gets.

  15. Source: I have a vagina. It tightens before and during orgasm.

  16. Oh really? Wow sorry I'm a girl too but never met someone who gets tighter during that. Everyone I know who talks Abt it gets looser

  17. Ik the 4s are a newer/better shoe but personally I think the 1s look better

  18. Oh God if that's true Ive missed out on so many opportunities lol Yeah Ive always thought of it as just a compliment and nothing more

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