Fifa and Qatar in urgent talks after Wales rainbow hats confiscated | Fifa and the Qataris were in talks on the matter on Tuesday, where Fifa reminded their hosts of their assurances before the tournament that everyone was welcome and rainbow flags would be allowed.

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  1. Oooh, and they just launched a massive ad campaign around Los Angeles talking about how secure they are. Sucks to suck

  2. In the UK too. Assume it was trying to target all the people who moved to iOS for the messager app. I always thought their "oh it's more secure" message was waiting to be undermined.

  3. As a copywriter, what would usually happen in agencies I worked at was:

  4. Answered myself on this, for anyone who is interested:

  5. AHAHAHAHA. Diablo Immortal. Hoooooooo.

  6. If I can interpret it positively, I do. Takes any salt out any attempted BM, etc. Remember, you control you (mostly. Stupid brain chemicals.).

  7. Sigs rock hit box is a torb but as a circle

  8. lol @ this sub. Everyone dropped Folk for Dicker and he drops 16 points.

  9. I dropped him for Bass this week. After dropping Bass for Folk last.

  10. It’s crazy how JJ seems to always just be a few yards short of an additional TD or two each and every week.

  11. This felt like the first week where Swift looked (to me) like the guy that people are screaming should replace Williams. Just so explosive every time he touched the ball.

  12. I am also rein main But since ov2 i switch to dva and monke. More viable in higher ranks. Also dva is good against hog who is everywhere rn. If u cant match enemy hogs i recommend to learn her.

  13. What are you doing on D.VA to match up to hog? Saving matrix to go for hooks?

  14. Traded a tonne of rb2s for a WR1. Now, of course, I have gone from having too many RB2s to have too many WR. It’s a living.

  15. I never thought about how much I would miss those maps until they were taken away from me

  16. Honestly, Hanamura and Anubis (particularly the latter) were some of the most striking Overwatch maps. Compared to the parade of city street maps, they really stood out.

  17. thats a more than fair trade off… i saw this post title and was a little sad that WW really is the only option for DC “royalty“

  18. Harley Quinn has arguably made it the big 4 recently, so, ya know.

  19. Genuinely... there are like two flavours less hot than Lemon & Herb. One of them is "plain sauce".

  20. I don't have anyone who resembles an RB1, so he's riding pine in the hope that he might be playoffs relevant.

  21. Yeah I don't like this whole World Cup, but I'm gonna go ahead and ask to see a better source than "I have it on good authority"

  22. Unfortunately, it's a friend who is a contractor, who worked in Qatar and bailed in September. They're passing on news from their friends who didn't. I have no idea how accurate that information is. And I'm perfectly happy for you to ignore it out of hand, as I have no second sources etc.

  23. I mean, I can't do anything about it whether I ignore it or not, but I appreciate you passing the info on nonetheless. I'm sorry about your friend's friends, and sorry if I came off as a dick. Gotta be skeptical on the internet

  24. No, absolutely. I understand. And it's a healthy pov.

  25. I mean, what do we expect? Qatar as a country is a bunch of people strayed in the middle of the desert, led by a religious dictatorship with no regards for human rights or personal freedoms, that one day dug a hole in the ground and found they had a shit ton of money buried underneath. And what happened is exactly what you can expect - the government gave a shit ton of money to their citizens so they shut up, gave an even shittier ton of money to any institution, government or politician abroad who had anything to say, started building megacities and statues to their wealth. They started buying important businessmen and famous people so they'd campaign for their country. Of course, they needed people to do the work that their now wealthy citizens wouldn't do, so they started importing a lot of foreigners from poor countries to act as the underclass that keeps the wheel moving while not receiving anything in return.

  26. So, I have it on fairly good authority, that the operations staff that are running a lot of the events (think lighting, cameras, closing ceremony type people who are contracted directly to Qatar, and not to Sky etc.) have had travel bans put on them until the 25th of December.

  27. So if you are disconnected in a game there's an AI that plays out the rest of the game for your opponent?

  28. That's my guess based on observations. I've never had an opponent disconnect. Ever. On a phone based card game that seems bloody unlikely.

  29. I would argue that they hide disconnects with Escape, I've had plenty of games where the opponent was clearly winning and I stayed for the extra boosters and then they just retreat after running the timer. Now either they didn't draw the specific 4 drop they wanted or they disconnected.

  30. As I've said otherwise: that's completely possible. I just happen to live in an apartment that is an ever shifting blackhole for mobile and Wifi signal. So I'm used to frequently disconnecting. And the tendency for my opponent playing dramatically worse after a disconnect is really, really noticeable.

  31. People on this subreddit always forget that by mid-December it's empty most of the time, it's free to enter when it isn't peak time, the lines for the rides are a handful of people at most, and you can avoid the shitty overpriced 'German' festival food and go to the food truck section where relatively good London pop-ups and fast casual places set up at relatively normal central london prices.

  32. Every team with Kelce has to be in the playoff race. There’s just no way.

  33. Carried me through an absolute RB drought. Just wins games by himself.

  34. It is one of the best comic book series ever written. I’d say it’s worth looking into.

  35. JHW3 goes so hard in Promethea. Entire issues that are one continues piece of art. Pages and pages that can be read in any order. Just insane stuff.

  36. I benched Jamal Williams for Kenyan Drake ama

  37. I just confirmed a trade with him going away. Which of us is the bigger fool?

  38. Williams, Monty and Sutton for Davante Adams. I have a million RB2s filling up my team (and it's an 8 team league). I was pretty happy with it until, well, now...

  39. Monty all day. The other two are going to split time, while Montgomery might be fighting Fields, but he can't run forever.

  40. Boring, but I'm going Conner. Just pure volume over anything else. If you need ceiling (and are PPR) then maaaaybe Cpat.

  41. I don't think Gus is going to do as much running as the memes hope this week, while Swift is always one game away from being the guy again. Normally I go with safe plays, but I don't think Gus is safer than Swift, and the latter could blow up. Pick him.

  42. Gotta fill my Flex spot and have just RBs, full PPR.

  43. PPR (pick one): Keenan Allen vs KC, George Pickens vs Cinci, Darius Slayton vs Det.

  44. I'm risk averse, so am leaving Keenan on the bench. And would go for Pickens. You might look stupid after a blowout though.

  45. Sit Connor for either Pacheco or gus? Connor plays San fran but Pacheco and gus have good matchups - need to start 2/3

  46. I'm playing Connor/Pacheco in that situation (well, Connor/Patterson, but close enough). I just don't trust Gus to have a significant amount of carries.

  47. I'm a big Freiermuth stan. He get consistent volume.

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