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  1. Thanks! The tutorial is pretty good at showing each step, you’ll just need to know abbreviations :)

  2. Surprisingly I can actually read a pattern and count stitches now! Though so far I’m only at sc. But I’m learning!

  3. That’s the big stuff, amigurumi is pretty much all sc haha. Happy crocheting!

  4. Try Thai or Cambodian wrap pants, I thought they’re also called fisherman pants sometimes but that’s pulling up different results. I have a blue pair from Thailand

  5. I got 37, they definitely run a little big. The length is perfect with my insoles in since they took up some space but I had to pull the laces really tight to feel secure in the width. I just got waxed laces and that’s helping keep them snug. Hope that helps!

  6. I have wide feet and used to have boardwalks and skate moxi jacks now. I skated with superfeet insoles for years and they held up really well (I got the thin carbon ones that are green on the underside). I recently got riedell r-fit insoles and really like that they’re customizable. I use the high arch pad and pronation heel pad on mine

  7. I would recommend park/derby pads if you’re okay with the bulk. I used to use those triple 8 knee pads and felt every fall. I use 187 fly pads now and can fall/slide out on my knees without thinking about it (slimmer than the regular 187 pads but still great)

  8. I like them with the modifications I made, but don’t use them as much as I’d like since the soles aren’t waterproof :/

  9. Idk they just say the shoes aren’t waterproof but I assume it’ll rust the inside of the clips

  10. If you have leather or suede skates you could try tuff toes, it’s a coating you apply to the front of your boot. I’ve seen a few skaters use it

  11. I haven’t used it myself but I’ve heard it lasts forever! Here’s how they look on

  12. Cherry bombs are grippy on every surface I’ve skated and not too much smaller than super stoppers, they’re not angled but idt it makes much of a difference. I recently switched from the colored gumballs for the same reason as you, I was sliding out of toe stops stalls on taller ramps/bowls and on smooth concrete

  13. No, I eventually returned them. But, due to the good customer service and chat I had with them, I'm giving them another shot with their 2.5". Plus, I moved to an apartment less than 1/2 mile from a skateshop and am gonna go there for help.

  14. Did the 2.5 end up working for you? I’m having the same issue with the 2.5 and my avanti plate. Which is weird bc the same trucks were fine on the sure grip rock plate

  15. I asked Brian why he asks about wheel size in the order form and he said the blocks only fit up to 62mm wheels on narrows and 65-70mm on wide trucks.

  16. I’m not sure it has the ingredients you mentioned but the curlsmith feather light protein cream is great. A tiny bit goes a long way, I overdid it the first time or two and got crunchy greasy hair lol. It does have a subtle smell that isn’t really perfumey

  17. Did you figure out a fix? I’m having such a hard time with the same parts. No matter what I do I can’t get the trucks to sit right

  18. Every skater is a little different but for me I keep my stance the same carving in either direction because that’s more comfortable for me than switching my stance

  19. On that note, I'm hoping someone who has used Kerastase products can chime in. My hair seems to love keratin but it's really expensive.

  20. My hair loves keratin and proteins in general, idk if you have Hask products where you are but I get great results with their smooth/keratin line (pink deep conditioner packet and regular conditioner) and it’s really affordable. Curlsmith’s weightless protein cream is also great, it’s a little more pricey but comes in a big tube and lasts a long time

  21. iirc you’d have to put the laces in boiling water to dye them, and that would just melt off the wax

  22. These wheels are hard to get bearings into imo. I did the stack method where you put one bearing on top of another on a hard surface and then press the wheel onto the top bearing. Just make sure the top one is facing the right way

  23. This is my favorite bowl to learn new tricks in, wish I still lived in the ham. I’m impressed with your jump drop in!

  24. This post has me so excited to try my new gear <33 jack 2 and brunny blocks are coming in the mail towards the end of this month (currently skate jack 1 and cib sliders that I adore) but I got huck trucks last week and they feel a lot lighter than my xoxo trucks :-)))

  25. Out of curiosity, how is the Jack 2 treating you compared to the 1?

  26. I did a rewatch last winter and got so close to starting one! It’s just so hard to pick

  27. Personally my hair really likes curly cuts but I have to commit to only wearing it wavy for a while after because it looks bad blow dried/straight until it grows out a bit especially if I get curtain bangs (which I usually do)

  28. Yeah lol gave themselves away calling it a “rollerskating flip” instead of a barani

  29. Of the ones I’ve had, I liked triangle and queen and rook the best

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