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  1. lxe says:

    I would write a cuneiform clay tablet with a complaint. This is unacceptable.

  2. Even includes the weathered natural look

  3. I think it is the other way around. Greer heard something was coming, and wanted to steal back the show as he probably feels he started the show way back in the first place.

  4. I actually agree here he had hundreds of testimony going back decades.

  5. What parking lot? There’s been an increase of funeral pan handlers maybe there’s 2 teams working? I want to print their pictures and post them at the lots.

  6. Damn how bad of condition do you have to be in to literally just cover your face when a grenade comes in.

  7. bruh imagine an alien crashing his ufo and trying to run away in a fucking forklift 😆

  8. I do this same thing in scary situations, I'll say something silly to lighten the mood.

  9. This makes me most suspicious, these days people will stop to video the most horrible things, injuries, death, war, emergencies, fires, before ever phoning for help or actually helping.

  10. They did but it's a horrible video... now i suppose we need slow motion super HD close up lol

  11. even better. theyre not actually paying $10 to any living creature. they're paying a lump sum to another large organization in return for a pr alibi. that organization in turn will turn around and pay out the money as salary, bonuses, benefits to their executives, who invariably are trustfund kids and corporate climbers. im guessing a very small % ever reaches any poor person

  12. The icing on the cake is that this is a corporate tax break strategy to Salesforce.

  13. Indeed, it was honestly far better than it’s been the pst though. Still cringe for us but a step forward regardless. The Bob “LAYZER” part made me lol.

  14. didn't think I'd see the day the park had to be made safer, not for kids but for adults

  15. Wow. ok serious question. If the husband of the woman went over and knocked these kids out one by one, would he be in trouble?

  16. When people are falling asleep on the freeway you could tell because they start following really closely. Ill help them by slowly veering off the road to hit the off road debris like peebles and glass.

  17. How unaware do you have to be to not notice a massive train barreling down on you?

  18. After sneaking through the barrier....

  19. Ok that's more clear, thought it was the High Earner Not Rich Yet parents of high school students.

  20. That "shit they're onto us" look at the end.

  21. Had to think about that for a while too.

  22. What if underrepresented groups (LGBTQ, races, etc..)were required to be part of Olympic Teams?

  23. Other agencies will need to follow suit...

  24. Eat healthy, exercise a lot, swimming is good, bc it works w every weight without causing problems and helps a lot

  25. Ok I'm going to play devils advocate to some degree. Do not stop eating to an extreme but weight gain and loss does come down to biochemistry and some basic laws Calories in vs Calories out.

  26. blood clotting is good up there too as long as the wind pipe stays open.

  27. don't forget the IRS . You can't eclectic to get 250k free and clear

  28. Unlimited PTO is only a downside for people that take time off and don’t pull numbers.

  29. Eh, not always. There's nothing wrong with unlimited PTO in theory, but in practice it has its drawbacks. It's sold to employees as this great perk created for them, but it's really created to benefit the company.

  30. Yes on that last part that's exactly it. The liability from a balance sheet perspective and clearing it out.

  31. According to Chinese reports, there were only 4 injuries and each one fully recovered.

  32. That was maybe 1 Minute after the accident. According to Chinese official reports, the death toll was 165 (110 of those firefighters). 798 where injured.

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