1. You maybas well get them going now and if you want to dig some greens in later you can. Meanwhile drink copiously and piss on it..

  2. I make my own bacon and I only smoke it rarely. I find it hard to get big enough rizzlas. Bacon is great - smoked or not..

  3. That reminds me that I have about half a pound of wildflower seeds to go scatter in the orchardy bit of the garden!

  4. What really fucking irks me is the name - The Proper Blokes Club. Is it a club for only Proper Blokes or a club for all sorts of men with different views, aims and outlooks on life? If it wants to be inclusive then it seems a very odd name and off putting to lots of men who don't consider themselves to be a part of "Bloke" culture. I have no need to go talk to strange men but if I did I would be entirely put off by the Proper Bloke aspect..

  5. Well not really - maybe a bit. Talking can help you understand problems from an outside perspective or deal with them but it doesn't solve underlying issues. If I have no money to pay the bills, have anxiety and/or depression, if I am going to lose my house or if my partner has left me and taken the kids then a chat in the park isn't going to solve those problems - at best it will help me deal with them a little better which is great.

  6. I'd follow the train lines out of Lisbon and pick something along the route but it depends what sort of life you want here. We are up near Cartaxo (near Santarem) right next to a rail station and property is still cheap here although it is not a groovy place to live! Santarem itself is a bit more lively. It takes less than an hour to get into Lisbon from here but there are plenty of places further down the tracks nearer to Lisbon. Sintra and Cascais are nice but pricey, Setubal is also nice but they are all popular with immigrants. Maybe somewhere like Alhandra or Vila Franca - easy to get into Lisbon but easy access to nature too.

  7. We used to have a yearly stall on our allotment where you could donate excess seedlings and they would be sold to members who wanted them. It was quite fun but I think things like tomatoes, hot peppers and the slightly more exotic plants were always the ones that people wanted. Cabbages and lettuce were less likely to sell but at a market it would be different as the customers wouldn't be a dedicated gardening crowd. I'd give it a go - might be fun.

  8. In terms of farm produce and food the Irish have been able to step in and capitalise.

  9. So true here in Portugal. If I can find "British" stuff here it invariably turns out to be Irish or from somewhere else.

  10. I've seen that movie but I have zero recollection of that scene or the fact that Colin Farrell was in it!!

  11. Yes! You can do it Ireland. Once Germany legalized the rest of Europe are all next in line.

  12. Except the UK who fairly recently had some police arguing at a political conference for it be reclassified as a class A drug along with smack and cocaine..

  13. The reason a prolifer might not consider exceptions for rape and incest is because their view would be that the fetus is innocent. The fetus isn’t guilty of the crime of its father, so it might not seem right to essentially execute a fetus for a crime it didn’t commit.

  14. Why are you arguing in the third person? You are a prolifer or forced birth advocate so why beat about the bush with the "the reason a prolifer might.." crap, just say that it is your view and have done with it..

  15. How much soap did you use and what type? It looks quite distressed with some possible leaf damage which might be signs that the soap has affected the plant. All soaps can damage plants and this does look a little more than transplant shock..

  16. Dawn dish detergent. It says on the bottle to use dish detergent or insecticide soap. I didn’t measure honestly because I was just using a huge tote but it wasn’t a lot compared to the amount of water and the neem oil. I also bathed three other plants. Them being another Habanada, a habanero and a ghost. The ghost and habanero are okay. The two habanada seem pissed off. If it was the soap though I’d think all 4plants would be doing poorly

  17. Letting someone who has been at the bar longer than you get served even though the staff are directly looking at you..

  18. When I worked in bars there’d always be that dickhead who’d barge to the front and wave a 20 about as if he’d get served quicker. If just snatch it and thank them. When they kicked off I’d ask them why they thought they were more important than the x number of people who’d been patiently waiting. I’d then proceed to serve everybody but him.

  19. Nothing beats lessons in small groups with a professional teacher although it isn't always cheap! Personally I need some structure to my learning so this works best for me. However I think a lot of things can help - I use drops and memrise for vocab and listen to Portuguese radio to try to get used to the sounds and rhythm of the language.

  20. My wife asked me in the cash and carry last week to get her some more cock.

  21. Running will keep your fitness up but you are still going to struggle a bit come spring as cycling and running do not use the exact same muscles..

  22. You do need to check the terms of your mortgage. Some do have clauses that require you to live in the property - although if you returning regularly it probably won't be an issue. Insurance will need to be looked at. When my Dad died I found it very difficult to get insurance on an vacated property and it was expensive - again YMMV!

  23. I lived abroad for three years a while back and none of my backs complained so at least that part should be fine. Thanks.

  24. Yes it seems a mixed bag. Some people here have had accounts shut down in the UK while others don't seem to be bothered..

  25. What's the point? If it was forbidden for you to drink and you still did how would changing the law make any odds? Better for children to learn at home that alcohol is not some mysterious exotic fluid than to try to make it illegal for them to have a tiny watered down drop of wine at Christmas.

  26. Wine's cheap in Germany too, but you'll get double the salary of someone in Portugal.

  27. That's lovely but I don't need to work ATM and even the cheapest German wine is going to be more expensive than here. The red I get for free for the most part and the white, which is pretty decent, is about €1.10 for a litre. I also couldn't have afforded to buy 6 acres of land in Germany.

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