1. Yeah him and Price look like they're on their way to a sex party in Berlin.

  2. Not OP, but if you watch enough documentaries/docuseries, you wouldn’t believe the kind of random knowledge you pick up.

  3. Unless the enemy team has a UAV up and you’re using ghost and firing a suppressed weapon.

  4. Costco mackinaw cruiser is up there, as is the recent score of Tricker’s Stow boots in Acorn colorway which is literally a grail for me.

  5. Wearing the same boots every day can cause this with a full leather footbed. Don’t put shoe trees in right away. Give your boots an hour to air out first. I have a boot dryer that I use WITHOUT HEAT. Then, I throw trees in.

  6. Zoom in and look at the dots on the ball of the foot imprint.

  7. These don’t look like cracks based on this single picture. It looks like completely normal creasing.

  8. I like so much of it. If they would just do a traditional perk system, rework the spawn system, and give us a ninja perk (even something like 50% reduced walking footsteps), I would be loving it.

  9. Grant Stone is arguably the best value Goodyear welted boot on the market right now. I own several pairs.

  10. And the temperature outside doesn't affect the cold water temperature.

  11. Kids do not intuitively know this. This is wishful, magical thinking.

  12. A boot dryer is fine if you don’t use heat.

  13. Thank you! I am currently looking up some “trees” on Amazon. Are there any better ones you recommend?

  14. As long as they are made of real wood, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. Just don’t waste your money on boot trees.

  15. Can this thing even access most modern websites? Where can I buy one? This is nostalgic sure but not really BIFL. No smartphone is.

  16. With the god awful spawns in respawn game modes, it’s hard to say. I don’t think any of them are great, but it’s so hard to tell when the spawns work like they do in this game.

  17. Weapons are not what’s missing from MP.

  18. How is this sad? He would have loved every second of torturing countless animals in the future for entertainment, that is what has been avoided. Unfortunate he was raised to want to do that, sure. But sad that he won’t? Not really…

  19. I would never be able to unsee this.

  20. This pair of black matte legends = my first pair of leather boots of any brand. I have read people talking about how high-quality leather won’t crease immediately. I wore these for just about an hour inside, and these creases appeared. Is that a sign of low quality? A bad pair?

  21. This is normal, and wherever you saw leather doesn’t crease immediately was incorrect.

  22. The wooden grip really goes well with the purple…

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