1. if im not mistaken, i spot a tigers eye crystal. how did you fit it in the cover?

  2. a similar font is also available on the kindle app. if you have a library card, download libby and you can borrow ebooks there and read them on the kindle app

  3. i find that when im off meds for whatever reason, communicating to my partner that:

  4. you have to pay $12.99 for access. you should be able to click on “claim” to have the promo pop up

  5. try ozium spray! it’s gotten strong cigarette and weed smells out in my experience. you can find it at walmart or amazon just be sure to spray it outside if possible or a well ventilated area with a mask on

  6. at my worst, i’ll be on here because it’s comforting to not be alone. but it’s also masochist because it make me feel like there’s no out. after moving out of my abusive household, i did find out the underlying cause of my depression was ADHD. i wish you all the best. it doesn’t necessarily get better, you just learn to cope

  7. i got a pet hedgehog about a year ago, before the start of the pandemic, and he has unknowingly helped me through my worst times. little guy would be helpless without me and in a way so would i

  8. Congrats Girl!!!! We are here to celebrate with you

  9. holy crap. every single thing even down to the attraction to men during my period is exactly what i am going through. my partner actually broke up with me because he was uncomfortable with the idea of me experimenting with my sexuality. i haven’t figured out anything yet, i label myself as pansexual for now. one thing i’ve noticed is that i need romance to be able to have sex with anyone but that’s about it. i hope that it’s also comforting to you that someone else feels the same way.

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