1. why would the prof only print out 100 copies if there are 180 students enrolled?

  2. surprised to hear that bc i had her for 14C last year during covid and her class was super organized and honestly think she’s one of the best professors i’ve ever had despite her hard exams. makes me wonder if she might be going thru something rn


  4. 2/3 is when an offspring is born and they don't have the disease (thus eliminating chance of aa). They can still be AA or Aa. In this question the offspring are not born. So you cannot eliminate anything.

  5. covid cases are exploding right now and u think it’s a good idea to stuff 20 strangers into a 3 bedroom lodge ?

  6. Sourdough, provolone, turkey, avocado, lettuce, pickles, tomato, pesto, mayonnaise if I’m feeling 🤨

  7. where? i can only see options for summer, night, 1day, etc on the bruin permit portal

  8. go to the page before that, before u clicked "get a permit." at the bottom of the page itll say "add an application" under "special permit request"

  9. thank you so much! i just submitted the application. there aren’t any fees we need to pay yet right?

  10. 20% in Chem 14D 😅 (I ended up with a B in the class..only god knows how)

  11. Some extractions are easier than others. Congrats, you got lucky. Don't question it, lol

  12. Does that mean I don’t have to worry about dry socket on that side? And is there a reason why that side hurts so much more?

  13. premed/prehealth students typically start the physics 5 series their sophomore year. spots fill up super fast. i had to have an upperclassman hold a spot for me when i was enrolling in physics 5a bc it was literally already filled up a whole day before my enrollment

  14. yup. i submitted that midterm yesterday knowing i probably failed it and literally didn’t feel disappointed/sad like i usually do when i know i’ve bombed a test. i just straight up was like whatever. i spent nearly three weeks studying for it and it honestly feels like my work went to waste because i didn’t know what i was doing for like half of the test

  15. same😢i also have a midterm on monday that i’m currently cramming for. good luck!

  16. thank you for this. i got rejected by all three premed clubs i applied to this year but was able to get an internship this summer at a clinic. even after getting the internship i still felt really shitty about getting rejected but i feel a lot better and hopeful after reading your post ♥️

  17. hi! i took ls23l last quarter with two other stem courses that were considered more challenging in their series. the class page looks overwhelming at first, and it’s totally normal to feel concerned in the beginning with everything! however, as you progress in the class, it’ll be easier to keep track and complete the assignments.

  18. It only looks scary! Once you become used to the pattern, it becomes very mechanical and fast. Pre and post-lab quizzes will take you a couple of minutes each. Background videos and the live lectures are useless, don't watch them. Labster is long but kinda funny, honestly you can do it while listening to a podcast or smth and you have infinite retries for perfect scores (it helps to take pics of the correct answer and use the pics for retakes). The first writing assignment might be challenging because it's new, but the format is so cookie cutter, you'll learn to do them in one 2-3h sitting. It's also a lot shorter online because you don't need to go to lab and do experiments (it's all data mining), so I'd say you're chill taking it rn

  19. you’re really gonna have to stay on top of it for ls7c. i enjoyed ls7c more than any other class in the series, but i feel like there was a lot more material i had to memorize. the content gets heavier towards the end of the quarter and you actually have to read launchpad to keep up unlike previous ls7 classes

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