1. As someone with a 504 accommodation I can tell you that that’s typically just tacked on to anyone with a 504

  2. I dunno wimp, ill tell you if you give me your lunch money

  3. I think the superpower is self-explanatory. Your concern should be how you intend to recharge it or change the batteries?

  4. Sharon, definitely. I remember her hiding bodies when Aunt Flow came into town so her boy, her precious baby boy, wouldn't get caught.

  5. I’d say Tweeks are the worst since they flat out make him drink meth and crack

  6. Drake the type of guy to call Weird Al just Al Yankovic because “he’s not weird in my eyes”

  7. How long is your longest shit or how heavy is your heaviest

  8. I think if wildshape worked differently it’d be more popular. Just turning into a premade monster stat block feels weird. Like your actual stats don’t matter. I wish that was done differently to be honest.

  9. And wake up to discover it’s an unseasonably hot, sunny day

  10. The next day he sleeps in his day clothes and flush’s 4 ice cubes in the toilet

  11. What are you getting lost in? There are only about 2-3 books per year, including adventure books that you can completely ignore.

  12. When people start spamming silvery barbs and suddenly everything I own on DNDbeyond is labeled “legacy” then that’s confusing

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