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  1. I didnt actually know the spec on that cocktail, this is kinda a riff on that!

  2. I honestly don’t love Bluecoat, the other two are much nicer imo

  3. I peeled them trying to get minimum pith and did oleo sacharum. The smell is just amazing and I’m yet to try it on a margarita. I made a syrup from the fruit, just juiced them all, added water and sugar and boiled them for a minute and there was this bitterness, I guess it’s the natural pith. The colour is great though. If you make a better syrup let me know!

  4. Congratulations on your second in-person. I know how those jitters can get but glad to hear you pushed though. I think the presentation looks simple but clean which is very appreciable. But all judges have their quirks.

  5. It wasn’t the drink itself, I was fumbling with ice that was too large, somehow my julep strainer didn’t fit in one of my mixing glasses. I was so prepared except for the technique. I’ll be alternating days of lifting and practicing making cocktails/flair. Home bartending just doesnt cut you out for big comps lmao thanks so much!

  6. Oh, i wouldnt even sweat that. I've watched industry veterans do all the same.

  7. Those are some hella nice shots 👌

  8. Interesting I've never had eucalyptus in a drink before. Sounds like it would be almost minty

  9. I think I’d hate it because Campari is my devil but I absolutely love the name

  10. You might enjoy my post history. My go to lately has been Old Fashioneds and Spritzes but I always have a freezer Martini on hand

  11. This whisky is too good to be used in a cocktail. But it probably makes a great cocktail. I'm torn.

  12. I replied to another comment, Sexy Fish in London uses it in a few of theres! I tried the 17 year while I was there, now that’s too good to be used in a cocktail!

  13. It’s the brand of honey, my very very local friends who are just ramping up to sell some honey!

  14. I am a huge fan of blanc vermouth in a Martini. I usually go with 5:1 ratio and the little bit of sweetness is incredible

  15. I did the opposite of this a regretted it, ruined an incredible botanical base with overinfusing bittering agents, for what its worth lol

  16. Why double strain if you're pouring over cracked ice anyway? Is it for the lemon pulp?

  17. Yep, and ideally the cracked ice will be larger chunks so you shouldnt get too many ice chips

  18. I almost always serve a JB in a rocks glass, too pretty to hide behind a tiki mug! Great drink!

  19. Looks delicious. Why is it queen of clubs and not hearts or diamonds tho when the drink is so vibrantly red?

  20. Your rosemary vanilla syrup is all of that and then some, been using it since Barcelona is Burning.

  21. Add the leaves of 10 rosemary sprigs to a blender with 150g simple syrup, 2 drops vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Blend until well combined. Strain into a clean container and store in the fridge.

  22. In this recipe either would be fine. The liqueur is clear, has some proof and isnt as sweet though still quite sweet

  23. I’m usually pretty liberal with what is and is not a Negroni but we’ve gone too far

  24. I’d argue that’s closer to a Martini. Most bars would absolutely call it one for sure

  25. Is tomorrow the last day? I’m in London but already totally booked tomorrow my friend mentioned it was closing down

  26. As an Irish person, who are famed for our friendliness, I am still very struck by your service skills in the US. I know some find it overbearing, but “ can I help you today?.. anything else sir?” Etc, is better than sitting there being ignored.

  27. American in London this week and I am relearning to appreciate the slightly overbearing. I rarely have to flag a server down at home but I’m sitting at a bar for 20 minutes like “Excuse me sir can I put an order in with you please” Happy for the flat service charge here sometimes

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