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  1. Even if you don't see Steam cards in store, you can get Steam codes on your receipt any time. I get all my Steam codes from GameStop.

  2. I have gotten them for my kids.

  3. Buy Gift Cards to help GameStop be continually profitable.

  4. Why not have a standard of living adjustment? First 20,000 or 30,000 is untaxed and have the amount adjusted for inflation?

  5. So like a UBI? Yes I like that idea. The biggest problem with purely consumption tax is it does NOTHING to address massive wealth inequality. Jeff Bezos literally can't spend his fortune in his lifetime, which would mean he would continue to amass wealth and spend a significantly smaller portion of his net worth compared to a low income person. Even with Bezos "blowing past" the standard of living, it wouldn't even remotely come close to his net worth or income.

  6. How much of Bezos's cash is actually in stacks of bills in his safe or mattress? If it is in banks or brokers, it is in circulation. I doubt he can designate it as do not loan.

  7. Well at least she calling it an army and using the language of war. The government/financial sector are at war against the people.

  8. She is on the great ... warpath.

  9. "No bastard ever won a stock war by selling his company. He won it by making some other poor dumb shorting bastard bankrupting for his company, hedge fund, bank."

  10. I am not setting any limits up or down until the price gets to my target. We are NOWHERE near it, especially at 7 times current price.

  11. The World Economic Forum push towards 15 minutes cities in which you do not need transportation because you have all that you need near you. This dude Coin Bureau explains it flawlessly on U-tube.

  12. but, the elite WEF rulers will still have their private jets, mega boats, and armored limousines. It is a perfect world, in their minds.

  13. I don't know. It might be fun, if done right...

  14. I don't know, but I see some purple!

  15. How about a deal? A 25% across the federal government budget cut, for a small increase in the debt ceiling?

  16. Yo, we know it will get raised. Stop spreading this shit. USA wont default in middle of Russia war.

  17. There is too much grifting for our grifting politicians left to grift.

  18. Also. Cowboy has hat covering face. Could be black sweatshirt mystery man.

  19. What about the one on the roof? RC on Top?

  20. I know you are, but what am I?

  21. They keep pretending to be strong. Ken must have picked up a copy of Sun Tzu.

  22. It's so meh at this point. I mean i just do nothing and they have to keep doing this. I hope for more discounts because after getting some shares at 15$, 25 seems like a lot.

  23. If they can just drop it some more and keep it there for about a week, I will have a nice chunk of change to clear for my GME backed savings account.

  24. Dang, here comes the dip again. Raining on our heads like a chance to buy. Raining on our heads like another chance to buy low.

  25. One thing is for sure, it is costing them a ton of money.

  26. This bill must be shut down. It is insane.

  27. The term "foreign adversary" in the bill is the focus, not for Americans... correct me if I'm mistaken

  28. Who labels the "foreign adversary" and what connection makes this so? Congress? Nope. Some political appointee at the commerce department.

  29. The fun part about voting is that shares on loan have to be recalled and taken out of the available to borrow to be able to vote.

  30. It was mentioned in the 10K they are not considering dividends for the foreseeable future

  31. Also said they haven't done them in a while, so what was the split dividend?

  32. I doubt ComputerShare knows how many synthetic/naked short shares there are. Kenny G probably doesn't even know.

  33. Well, we know that ComputerShare distributed the split dividend share to all accounts held with them, then they gave the remainder to the DTCC who proceeded to commit ISF (International Securities Fraud) by only distributing what they had and then telling many brokers to treat it like a regular split.

  34. Consolidated accounts. I have 3 with GME, but never consolidated. Many Apes have. Also, I wonder if GME recognizes me a 1 or 3? If they recognize me as 1, then that also helps explain the discrepancy.

  35. Out stupid, corrupt politicians have gotten us to this point. They couldn't stop drunken spending and running us up to ridiculous 32Trillion+ debt and run away inflation. Now, the good times end.

  36. Like in the movie Spartacus, We all step forward and yell, "We Are Ryan Cohen!"

  37. splitdiv didn't cost anything like a cash dividend.

  38. If they would lock my price once I submit an order, that would be great. missed the dip a bunch of times because they buy a few days later :(

  39. I think it is best to set up a reoccurring purchase and forget about it, if you can. And then use a broker like Fudelity to buy dips and DRS after settlement.

  40. Hey Ape, whenever mentioning direct buying via ComputerShare, please provide the link;

  41. Pretty soon it will be GmE is TOO profitable and “why that is a bad thing” lol

  42. shills, "NFTs are dead!!! reeeee"

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