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  1. Wow, so juicy Shelly, makes me want to bury my face in them

  2. Would love to watch a video where she bends over, pulls her dress up, panties to the side and we see her whole ass and her cute pussy. I just fukin love her from the time she had that old account that she deleted. Fan#1

  3. 100 percent, would rearrange her insides and make her swallow while you watch

  4. Hey, congrats on finishing your exam, when is the result out?

  5. Hey just wondering if you got your result? Edit- I ask just to make a correlation bw the practice tests and the real deal.

  6. Nope not yet. Apparently mid September I should get them.

  7. Hey just curious how your result was. I had very similar mcc practice test scores to yours and I get mine in Nov. Anxiety is just killing me

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