This Man's Encounter With A Bald Eagle

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  1. This has to help the Browns wild card chances no?

  2. Check out the Deco Tape Saturator and Doubler. I can’t live without this thing. I have v1 but v2 looks sweet as well. Paired with a short scale hollow body.

  3. I opened this thinking we were gonna discuss the podcast.

  4. The best. I would love it if the stadium could listen to the live broad cast with no delay. It would make the stadium experience so much better.

  5. Has anyone had luck getting autographs before the game? A friend of mine told me to get the kids there early, right when the gates open, and you can watch the shoot around and score some autographs. Any truth to this?

  6. Thank god for defense and special teams. We lose that game otherwise.

  7. If this was a male chief of police, it would have never been a thing.

  8. Interesting. Anyone have any good links to some proper demos?

  9. I’ve got my grandfathers icebox from the 60’s and that mother f’r still works like a charm.

  10. Masturbate loudly with some classy porn on max volume.

  11. I still believe there’s an alternate universe where we stuck to our plan and sat Tim all season and we figured out the O Line and we win like 5 Super Bowls. . Dude was TALENTED.

  12. What company makes phones without these or worse problems? Please if you know one i would love to take my business there

  13. Don’t buy at all. Use the one you got until it can’t be used anymore and never get a new one.

  14. Yeah that's fine in theory, and the first part is on. The second though, you can't actually function in modern society without a phone, if you tell me that you can then your either amazingly of the grid, probably not though, or your full of it

  15. You don’t have to be off the grid to not use a cellular. Unless you’re in finance/trading or you’re an influencer, everyone else is using their phones for personal use. You might be using it for work calls but in no way does that constitute a smart phone.

  16. Pizza day was the greatest and I’ll certainly be using this recipe to see if it stands up to what I remember. But in my neck of the woods, pizza day was second fiddle to CFS. COUNTRY FRIED STEAK. The home made rolls and mashed potatoes with gravy couldn’t be beat.

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