1. Guess I’ll go first. Back in high school my friend group consisted of one guy who I’ve known basically all my life and his new friends at a new school. He started dating a middle schoolers while he was like 18 and I thought it was kinda creepy and the girl also got on my nerves. They ended up dropping me shortly after I expressed that he shouldn’t be dating a 13 year old.

  2. David Glenn Lewis, I’d want to know what happened

  3. be careful. i drove thru louisiana last week and it was the most worn down and fucked up looking state i had seen from cali to georgia.

  4. I think I remember this episode I never got into supernatural

  5. When I was in high school a freshman that tried to hang around said that I must be one of the tallest people alive, I’m 6’5 lol

  6. Hard for me to pick an absolute favorite song favorite album is LIKM

  7. Most people stop growing at 16 some grow into their early 20s, but not everyone will. I’ve been the same size since 17.

  8. It depends on the brand 14.5 or 15. Practically impossible to find either in my area.

  9. I don't know about others, but I got a habit standing straight and proper from a stupid reason. When I was young and I was around 13-14ish I had started breaking every record with growth spurts. I used to slouch and walk with my head forward like Quasimodo because I wanted to fit in and I didn't want to stand out. So my father jokingly started slapping my back every time he saw me slouching.

  10. Lol I’ll think about that next time I’m slouching.

  11. Beanie baby cat, I had it as long as I can remember.

  12. I started with the life is killing me album, then world coming down, then October Rust

  13. The worst is counselors killing each other

  14. My dad’s 6’2 mom is 5’5 I’m 6’5

  15. Why are you on the short sub out of interest haha

  16. P much sometimes I like to try to make y’all feel better.

  17. I ran across one of those wintergreen bars really tasty

  18. Got a link or a picture of them or something? Are they wintergreen flavor or is that just the name?


  20. I wish I had pictures I just ate it lol. It’s a big sweet block of wintergreen candy.

  21. Type o Negative and misfits are probably my favorite bands

  22. I grew young. I was 6ft coming out of middle school and stopped growing at 16 or 17 I think

  23. The LC around me used to be good but recently it’s been terrible

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