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  1. The song and the killing is also in the first game

  2. Only one on el racista side I don’t have is league

  3. Well they shot it in the ass, which as far as I’m concerned has no vitals in it

  4. Way more glitches and issues. Unstable multiplayer connections, older game version (not as up-to-date), less frequent updates, not as many features.

  5. Then give them 500 million after punching them. I’m sure they won’t complain

  6. You know almost none of us can't understand spanish right.

  7. Might be funny if the USA hadn't already won some World Cups, including 4 soccer ones.

  8. May I ask what World Cup you are talking about? Because USA has never won the World Cup

  9. I lost the game because of you. It was going so well

  10. Current MHA is at its peak though in the anime wdym

  11. But he does straight up say he regrets what he did

  12. For real. If you hate controversy, just watch SOL haha It's a peaceful life

  13. Idk I’ve seen people hate on others because they only watch SOL

  14. I actually have no idea what this is. I'm not a porn addict.

  15. i think hes talking about the leaked chamber nerfs coming in the next update. Nothing is know as of now what will come

  16. No he’s talking about the 150 credit bullets nerf

  17. There’s a reason comp has ranks, if you’re bad you’ll be ranked with people of equal skill

  18. Counter question, which reliable source says otherwise? Just curios

  19. Can someone please tell me what the bamboo looking thing that the 3rd column from the left, second from the top has is for

  20. She’s a demon so it’s to prevent her from biting people

  21. if you and i agree that he deserved it why am i and the other guy being downvoted

  22. Because the other guy is essentially explaining the joke which no one likes

  23. The joke is that op obviously deserves the ban, and is making fun of people that post these kind of things unironically. Stating that op deserved it is pointing out the joke

  24. Never seen someone get one thousand billion likes on a tweet before

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