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The polling results are here, DICE, this is what the community wants!

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Battlefield 2042

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  1. Whatever the USA did does not negate or take away from the fact that MBS is a murderous power hungry dictator who has the blood of innocents staining his qamis!!

  2. In a race decided by the conservative elites, of course the lady dangling tax cuts for the rich won. The UK lost though, as that kind of tax policy is economic suicide.

  3. Off to the bread queues very soon!!

  4. Looks like THE Battlefield the community was actually looking for 😍

  5. I'm just gobsmacked at how a modding team was able to nail down the feeling of a bf game including the soundtrack and DICE fail at it

  6. That is so intense. Way better than 2042.

  7. deffo bf5 had soooooo much potential, they killed it to give us the polished turd that is bf2042

  8. The last time I heard the words Cockus Maximus, I was watching a german youtube poop video

  9. It was actually isnpired by Bigus Dickus from Monty Python

  10. They look so peaceful though, doing their stomps to please the erd tree avatar

  11. Do you have a preferred retailer/region and budget?

  12. UK region, any retailer and budget is under 75 pounds

  13. These units are a bit more than that but price to performance are the best deal I could currently find on a moments notice, personally for the small price increase to go to the 850w unit.

  14. surprised to see people wanting bf3 style suppression when most people didnt like it back then

  15. It's annoying..but it's not like that's the standard.

  16. Happens to me far more often, at least 3 times per game. Even in attack choppers where the aa missiles hit target show explosion but no damage!!! Very annoying

  17. shigeru miyamoto, the father of Zelda and Mario

  18. india times Now that there is a reliable source.

  19. They can come to India, the home of Sikhs (and also of Hindus, Jains, Buddhists etc.).

  20. prosecuted minorities, except for the Muslim minorities indians wilfully kill, maim, torture and burn their places of worship and homes.

  21. would like to know as well. Community transparency is always needed

  22. Anything gameplay related will be free, according to Jack Frags video. Only cosmetic stuff will be for sale.

  23. So are the specialist equipments and gadgets usable by defualt skins?

  24. This battle pass version is free though. So its more for the story-line and progression than money. The paid battle pass also exists and will include cosmetics.

  25. There is no free version asaik, it is 70 for the base plus like 50 for the pass.

  26. Fine with me, If people want to pay to unlock skins or cut the unlocks out let them. Part of the fun is playing and unlocking these things, gives a sense of progression!

  27. Specialists as skin only would be fine, but bf2021 specialists have unique perks too, now imaging a future dlc specialist with game changing perks and skills. that is what worries me

  28. Not a fan of the specialist thing at all. Especially if the websites and the embargoed influencers hold any truth there will be the character with the medpistol whose perk it is to revive people with 100HP.

  29. 100 percent agreed. This ''specialist'' thing kinda killed my hype. Why fix something not broken, give us our classes if they want monitisation maybe add elite skins but not this where you may have specialists in the future hidden behind paywalls with game changing perks.

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