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  1. Pretty sure that they’re relying on the fact that the only thing reasonably expected to generate an EMP large enough to damage a truck’s electrical system is a nearby thermonuclear detonation. Pretty sure the warranty on your EMP shield doohickey is last on your list of things to worry about in the event of a nuclear attack.

  2. Nukes that generate EMPs must be detonated >40km above earth

  3. To an extent. PFAS are pretty awful, and widespread, but they've also been restricting or banning their use for about two decades now. Blood serum levels for PFAS have been declining in developed countries. They're ubiquitous and toxic, but not worth losing sleep over, especially compared to much more acute toxic chemicals which you're far more exposed to. Rubber particles from standing next to a road do more harm than PFAS for most people.

  4. They are very much still in plastics and get concentrated by recyclers every year. Food contact plastics.

  5. DRS until we drain these bastards, I’m not letting up now. Auto-buys at Computershare are the way to go.

  6. Yea I'm excited for my first direct purchase from CS! I'm 100% DRS'd and saw no need for my FUDelity account anymoar so I closed it. Now that I'm makin money again I'm ready to bust my auto-buy cherry!

  7. I’m doing it on 30 acres, without wheat. The fall mix this year is Elbon rye, oats, Austrian field pea, hairy vetch, Dixie crimson clover, daikon radish, purple top turnip, trophy rape. Have a pasture where the cows can stay for 2 months while the cover crop comes in. Then just rotational graze from there. Sea-90 is a great ocean salt that supplies minerals. They won’t need anything else all winter.

  8. Nope, hire a cowboy for the day if you need extra hands.

  9. The introduction of the “smart phone” is an interesting observation considering that the “WORLD WIDE WEB” was founded by/at CERN.

  10. Just wait for GME to reset the financial world when the float is locked at Computershare. DRS your shares.

  11. If even 10% of apes DRSd their IRAs we’d have a locked float.

  12. Thank you ape!!!!! May I see you on the other side of MOASS.

  13. Yea fair enough, I just hate it. I feel the need to get a wood chipper so I can tell myself the material is returning back to earth in a state that can benefit the other ecology.

  14. I need to do the same, carbon back to the soil. I hate burning


  16. Yeah, very different cultures. Russians have been brutalised for centuries by their rulers and it really shows in the culture.

  17. Hell no, I want to be able to plant a real cash crop that doesn’t need to be subsidized by the government.

  18. Why does it need to be subsidized? If you disagree, you can do so while still supporting cannabis legalization. Are you stating that legalization is impossible without government assistance?

  19. No, I’m tired of corn and beans barely scraping by. I want a legal crop that has demand. Legalize it

  20. I feel like this situation with FTX could start the biggest DRS wave we have ever seen

  21. If this does not convince apes that 100% DRS is the way, I don’t know what will.

  22. I'll take shit that never happened for 500, Alex

  23. Just like his son told him to buy a copy of the Constitution.

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