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  1. Spotting Shiny boi trapped in a cavern wall.

  2. This is what worries me! I fear they'll clip into the wall and I'll miss them. Luckily everything I see I have been able to battle.

  3. Yea I wouldn't let it worry ya too much that was the first shine I ever caught besides Gyarados back when I was a kid in lake rage so I'd say this game is pretty lucky.

  4. The raids themselves are just kinda stressful at times but it does make me want to try and get better stats on mons to do raids. I think for me its just the prevalence of the same mons over and over . It doesn't annoy me much usually i can find a group and eek it out or and I get there's meta but its gotta be boring for yall and then frustrating when you can still loose. Also I stg the raid mons have 5 or more moves am I buggin. I think I fought a 6 star that used hurricane bug buzz tailwind flame charge and amnesia if not more I was like WAIT A MINUTE let me atleast bend over thx. Honestly its been pretty decent.

  5. Thought I could solo a 6star dragon Volcarona with my lvl 80 Dachsbun. I learned my place in the food chain slowly and painfully.

  6. Did the Ting-Lu stakes last and have been stuck for days. I have checked all the stakes over 4 times at this point and interacted with the door as well, it still shows one lock on it.

  7. I’ve tripled checked and used two different guides. I have one chain still up and can’t get it to open

  8. I wonder if its just a sequence glitch. Like at the moment the code is probably something like 'if interact with stake yellow check for stake yellow 'if value of stake yellow = 0 trigger event' if it is a glitch im assuming something to do with it not being able to really check cause areas are possibly not loaded in at the time but thats just my theory. Hope in the end it works out for you.

  9. Jewish person here. It does make sense. All of it makes sense. Why there are a disproportionate number of Jewish actors, rappers, music producers, financial movers and shakers, pundits, comedians, artists of all types and shapes and genres (because millions of people doing those same professions in Europe had means to flee Europe to the Americas, and had to several times in the last 200 years) why we're over achievers and try out absolutely hardest to be movers and shakers in society (because if we're needed, we feel like we're less likely to be persecuted, if we can rise in another society, we believe that society will accept us and see "Hey look, theyre acclimating and working hard!" and we wont fall into stereotypes of other immigrants) and why people hate us for it (ignorance, jealously, passed down hatred, unfamiliarity).

  10. Facts thanks for taking time out of your day to explain things to people. You shouldn't have to do this I love ya I hope that these times don't get you down. You have comrades in this world always remember that. If you ever want a verse on a song hmu I do music aswell. Keep your head up 🖤

  11. Donda was a really beautiful album I even got a stem for Donda2 and honestly I refuse to listen to him now and wish I had all the money I've ever sent his way back. The people that have access to it now are not who is ever want using my funds.

  12. I think some of the dogs would be sick maybe the birds im down for more legendary pokemon. Id also love to see Nidoran or really any gen 1-3 pkmn including legendary. Im sure we will get Absol at some point because they are very popular I feel like.

  13. Me legit DL paid is still scuffed and won't load most plug-ins but the one eq the compressor and the sound gate anymore so I doubt it'll matter to me. But it is exciting hopefully the update helps fix whatever I got going on.

  14. Shes not interested either way I wouldn't think just keep it moving. Some girls just like to say shit especially in high-school maybe she's just being goofy. Maybe she's for the streets. It doesn't matter dont and I repeat DO NOT approach.

  15. I agree on vibes alone and overlooking obvious flaws with performance i had alot of fun.

  16. People definitely overreact to all the flaws, I loved the game and story

  17. Me too as far as performance and glitches I've had very few. Theres thing I really didn't like but its so good and definitely one that will stay in my memory for the next 20 years.

  18. Lol 😆 just get it right like intense travel burden in the wild. Murderous everything. Australia built different.

  19. It doesn't matter if he is and exploring sexually doesn't make him gay nor would it change the fact that all 3 are Nazi or nazi adjacent. This is a smoke screen for sure.

  20. The only “wish” I have about this quest is that we would have been able to place stamps on the map. Not just one destination post. Kinda like BOTW, it had beacons, and stamps to mark the map.

  21. Yea overall I think next game needs more than just these quest specific QOL additions but things like stamps and the ability to cross them out and label them would be huge. I like your idea alot

  22. It's user error 99% of the time. People are really bad about following guides

  23. I would think so but its pretty preventable. With thus game its truly hard to tell cause of the possibility of a glitch being there being realistic. If people are having a glitch it should just be easier to diagnose and honestly the change wouldn't effect someone like me who did it mostly blind until I HAD an issue.

  24. I caught my only shiny ever in the history of my time playing pkmn stuck in a wall makes me worry that I will pass by them now 😆

  25. I just saw it agro through the wall lol and its a drastically different color than its normal format so I hit it with a mon and caught it.

  26. Sick id be down for a charmander for sure idk what i could trade you but im down.

  27. Trade anything my pex is complete. Just stop back by when I’m on and get yours.😎

  28. This is an issue that is so close to my heart. I lost a close friend to White Supremacy and Nationalism. For a while i just tried to provide pushback but as a person of color once things got too far I had to just cut them off for my safety and the safety of my girl. There is a theory that fringe individuals will become more radical if you impose solitude on them as opposed to giving them constant pushback and a place to come back to. I dont know if i could have reached that person but i dont think it was worth my safety. This is not one of those situations people do become too far gone. People on the street are being miseducated and they will become too far gone. In your personal life by all means provide pushback to those spreading or believing this shit. But eventually you may be forced to cut off people you love due to white supremacy and antisemitism it does suck trust me I know.

  29. Wow we got a crazed hypocrite over here. Btw no I don’t be flinging around the n word.

  30. You want my capitalism rant now who do you think truly profited from slavery? Understand that generations can't because of being bought then split and forced to have sex and breed and build until they die. If oppression is buying others and defining what the class structure is and will be for the foreseeable future im a helicopter 🚁 I don't think you say the word but its such an odd comparison to say craker or honkey mean the same or close or are as prevalent when beinh white isn't like a culture its ever evolving and encompassing many different backgrounds.

  31. Hypothetical question. Would you be defending him if the roles were reversed and he was a white guy and the guy in the truck was a black guy and called him a cracker or a honkey?

  32. Craker means nothing 😆. Vs 400 years of oppression. Its a word that meas oppressor, somebody who cracks the whip. Its the litteral definition of punching upward. The Nword is accompanied by 400 years of subjugation, rape, murder. forced labor, classification, segregation, over policing. White is a concept that is ever expanded. Italians and Irish weren't considered white now they are... you can't turn off being black black people will never be white or considered truly equal because of your rhetoric about a word from a slave class that probably wouldn't even be able to be used to define you grandparents if they came from certain places that weren't considered white until so recently it would make your head spin. Just say the word if you want to say it so bad but don't bring me this craker nonsense it doesn't offend you or probably even mean you.

  33. Larry is GOATed the water gym is funny cause his hair has white caps 🤣 honestly everyone but the streamer is pretty decent 👌

  34. Ryme telling me I have jokes for wanting to rap battle her when I genuinely wanted to do that lol

  35. Nobody wants to raid with normies i literally could have a lvl 20 azumaril and they would take it before my trained clawitzer so I haven't attempted yet.

  36. That would be nice ill be on later i wanna get something actually ready for char raids tonight but ill do raids with anyone anytime hmu

  37. Kanye doesn't think for himself. Kanye doesn't want others of his color to think for themselves.

  38. Kanye's entire career is by him and encouraging others to think for themselves. Right or wrong

  39. Then he literally spent the past 6 or 10 years being the mouthpiece for other people and not thinking for himself... telling you to follow God and find christ... thats wanting you to think and be like him.

  40. What is one reason to continue to make excuses for him unless you are also a Nazi?

  41. Hate will only breed more hate, I pity you fools

  42. Yea imagine if ye was spreading this much hate... oh yea thats right.

  43. Unfortunately I dont know enough about her but that red album was heat.

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