1. Not sure what the point of making it a video is, since the time elapsing is not based on different years, but just moving across the country. Kind of confusing.

  2. It allows you to see from where people came and to where they went more clearly.

  3. Spending roughly 17% of your waking hours in a car seems, well, suspicious (or excessive).

  4. I stand by my comment it strings together 2 concepts and implies fraud. You are welcome to believe what you want based on nothing. I’ll reserve judgment and accusations for more concrete facts. She just drove her car around by herself? In what her Honda Civic? Really? Do campaign spending laws require you to campaign sequentially? In immediate succession like the amazing race?

  5. Read the other comments. Your questions have already been answered.

  6. Uh no they’re not great at all. You should very distinc colors for state or counties that were left and for those that received, this is impossible to read ..

  7. This only shows people coming into a county. There’s no “net” here.

  8. https://www.nndb.com/people/315/000164820/

  9. You really can't make a histogram a scatter plot.

  10. I've analyzed the graph maybe 8 times. Until the eighth time, it appeared to be showing two independent variables x (highest depth) and y (count). I now see it's not a count of divs, but a count of sites with that number of divs deep. In this case, the Y axis label needs help =)

  11. Yep... I think I had it "Count of Sites" at one point.

  12. They certainly paid themselves and others enough to do it right.

  13. Did I do the conversion correctly? This guy made $10.5M in a little over a year?

  14. The balance of deposits held by the Rehabilitation Debtor as of June 14, 2022, is JPY 66,559,063,723, reflecting a decrease of approximately JPY 2,086,270,000 (USD 15,339,882.24) from the 6th creditors’ meeting under the Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings held on March 24, 2021. This decrease in the balance of deposits is mainly due to the payment of fees to the Examiner and the Rehabilitation Trustee in the total amount of JPY 1,437,000,000 (USD 10,565,943.42) and the payment of outsourcing fees for major services in the total amount of JPY 311,000,000 (USD 2,286,714.27).

  15. Sound pressure and megahertz? Are you measuring sound or radio waves?

  16. Radio waves are electro-magnetic. Sound/acoustic waves are mechanical.

  17. My point was that megahertz (millions of cycles per second) is way beyond anything you could call sound. Human hearing is roughly from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz (thousands of cycles per second). Some animals can hear ultrasonics, up to maybe 100 kilohertz.

  18. I'm very aware of what humans can hear, and that they can't hear into the megahertz region. But just because a human can't hear it doesn't mean it's not sound in a general sense. Thus, it depends on how you define "sound". More technically, I should have said acoustic pressure/intensity but I figured that might confuse people.

  19. Well, actually I suggested the use of "good" instead of "optimal". And the definitions you base your statement on is wrong. Optimal means there is no better solution (it has the best solution value); this does not get relaxed by "an". If we say "an" optimal solution, we just take into account, that there might be multiple solutions (in the case of tsp: routes) that have the same solution value (length). Still optimal means there is no shorter route. And also not every result of an algorithm solving an optimisation problem is optimal.

  20. I didn't use "good" because the other one I posted could also be considered "good."

  21. I think when we present data (here or anywhere else) we should aim for precise descriptions.

  22. There are always trade-offs. I could have written a few paragraphs about all the caveats with this. No one wants to see (and Reddit won't allow) that. You can also get into things like how the curvature of the Earth was accounted for. Did I use a Mercador (or some other) projection? Did I use geodesic distances? While all these are probably not going to alter the solution, they certainly could.

  23. At first I was surprised that this was only, what, 17-ish percent shorter than the dumb version, but this starts and ends at the same place!

  24. Still... you add a couple of thousand miles from Maine to Alabama and it's still surprisingly close.

  25. Both simulations you posted. The algorithm you used isn’t Dijkstra’s algorithm, which is the mathematically proven shortest path algorithm.

  26. How do you know that's not what I used?

  27. There is no way to use Dijkstras Algorithm for this. DA is a single source, (single target, ) shortest path algorithm. You can not force it to visit every county once.

  28. I'm aware of that... and was baiting the other guy who seems obsessed with Dijkstra. Lol.

  29. Isn't the optimal path just starting at any point on the side and going clockwise or counterclockwise in a spiral into the center?. Ironically calculating a more efficient path would make it paredo optimal but waste so much resources it would be better to just use a general algo like this.

  30. I'll post AN optimal solution shortly.

  31. Because you can’t drive to them?

  32. That would be my guess, but I didn't investigate.

  33. A positive test isn't an infection. Over 2 years and not getting it straight. LOL

  34. How about explaining PCR to me. Lol.

  35. These are not facts and are considered covid related.. you could have died in a car accident with covid and it would be considered covid related. Stop spreading misinformation please.

  36. Stop spreading information you hear and don't understand.

  37. How did you collect data from each county? I have family in a rural county in Arkansas that has been losing population for quite a while. I’m curious to see where everyone is moving to, and where the few new transplants are coming from.

  38. It all comes from the Census Bureau.

  39. Have you seen a good overlay od increased total deaths between 2019 and 2021 compared by vax rate of area? That total death data is even more compelling than the compelling covid death data since covid is under counted in some low.vax areas. 2019 to 2021 is simple enough people understand it and there is a portion of the covid conspiracy crew that still believes total death data. Wish I had your skill at displaying data. Keep up the great work.

  40. Unfortunately, I don't think the public has access to total death data at the county level for 2021 yet. And, I'm not sure if you can even access at that level for 2020 either.

  41. Wrongful deaths have nothing to do with the fact that the medical industry had financial incentive to label everything as covid further perpetuating the lie that covid is dangerous. The wrongful death claims come afterwards based on this mislabeling. It’s not insecurity when the lid has been completely blown off the theatrics of the past 2 years. Whether it be the lack of effectiveness of the vaccine to the obvious power grab based on the totalitarian mandates across the board. I am only here to challenge you to think beyond the face value numbers in order to see through the bs. The deaths you are presenting are just downright lies and nothing more but to promote fear and insecurity across the world so the powers that be can take more from their constituents. If you can’t see that then I suggest you study history like I said.

  42. Sorry, the wrongful death comment was for a different conversation...

  43. Interesting. How long do these opportunities last? Can you not bet on these using APIs? I would expect an algorithm to be set up to immediately use and thereby remove the arbitrage opportunity.

  44. I'm not actually sure. Occasionally I'll they'll have closed by the time I get around to checking. I don't always make the bets of course. In fact, I do so very infrequently.

  45. Indeed. And I thought it was quite pretty. Alas, I guess in your superior judgment you've disagreed and removed the post.

  46. Well, those are great examples of why they might think twice about doing something illegal. They'd be risking a HUGE class-action lawsuit from some lawyer looking for a big payday.

  47. the hard part of actually playing arbs is spreading bets and amounts such that you dont get limited or banned. hammering 1000 bets on player alt props might get you flagged, but just MLB ML might be less obvious.

  48. As you probably saw in the other comment, I'm in PA. I've been playing around with making my own aggregator. It's not hard to get the main lines from sites like Vegas Insider. I've written some web-scrapers to get alt lines from the sites themselves. Would be nice if they had an api to get the odds from. Alas, they don't want to make it that easy.

  49. i mean, the animation plays with migration going to closer states first and then the farthest, right? its not doing it based on a time series.

  50. It is sorted by distance... roughly. Correct, it's not based on a time series.

  51. I was being a smart Alec to a poster that I thought was being unkind when he/she/they said nobody cares. I wrote this as if the persons' name was "nobody"

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