1. It’s the early 2010s all over again. The tumblr sad girl/trauma porn stuff has re-emerged on tiktok, where you can now self induce a massive depressive downward spiral by watching people cry about the horrible things that happened to them. It clearly works and people can’t get enough of it but it’s definitely a new low to use it to market gym wear.

  2. Do you remember the “confession” videos lmao

  3. Ugh yes. The thing is, I really thought we moved past this phase as a society. But I guess it was really just the affected generation having the conversation about how unhealthy all of it is. I guess every generation has to go through this type of shit. There’s just a new medium every few years to do that, whether it be books, music, film or now different types of social media.

  4. I think it’s a bit to do with young adults dealing with the effects of covid. It’s been hard on young kids (per my work experience), so I can see that translating into social media again and shaping trends. Emo being cool and whatnot

  5. So inspired!! I don’t compete, but I’ve been more disciplined in my training 💅🏼

  6. My hospital had 65+ boarders in the ED yesterday. We can’t handle this

  7. Bro don’t waste your money. It either doesn’t work or worse, will be harmful to your eyes.

  8. When I had a medication reaction and covid. Become mentally and physically unwell after and basically just gave up on me because I wasn’t better by a time frame. I’m pretty sure I have long covid and mental health issues from the prednisone short course. I started getting insomnia at the same time. I only sleep 1-4hrs and I feel like shit. We had 4 kids, 17yrs and I’ve always cared and looked after him and ran after him. Always checked in on him… supported him. I just don’t think you give up on someone and leave them to have to be looked after by their brother because they become unwell. Made me quite suicidal some things said. “Your bringing everyone around you down”. I didn’t choose to have a reaction or to be sick after covid. I dunno I’ve always been a person to do what I can for someone so it’s hard when your left alone. Medication not helping or therapy. Having illness you never had on top of it and sleeping issues you’ve never dealt with. When he had a break down I would hug him and stroke his hair for hours. Do whatever I could to make him feel a little better or at ease.

  9. I’m sorry. My situation isn’t comparable, but my ex was cheating on me while I was going through long covid and severe depression… and working in the ER in a major city during the whole pandemic. I stopped taking care of myself and was never sleeping, but I didn’t receive the care and comfort you’d expect from a partner during a time like that. Finding out he was cheating was devastating, but it ultimately taught me how to value myself more, including valuing taking care of myself better. You deserve better 🤍

  10. Honestly- therapy once or twice a week, weightlifting, and walks around my neighborhood… and a hypothyroid and anemia dx, for which I take meds/supplement for now. Just overall focusing on stress reduction and preventative care

  11. Oooo what’s the tea? Hehe sorry this sub is literally my only source of insight into the fitness influencer space

  12. Bret C is involved too. Just a bunch of petty posts bashing on a lot of (probably) Paul’s theories and “optimal” content. Similar to what ppl hate on JPG for. Paul keeps backtracking on what he used to teach which is really weird lmfao. He’s replying to comments saying he’s addressed his changes in opinion on certain topics, but in his actual posts it just feels like he flipped the script out of nowhere. Weird people man

  13. I hate the PED speculation on this sub because most people are talking out of their whole asses, but ain't an 18 month natty transformation. Even for a woman with elite genetics, a perfect powerbuilding routine, and a perfect diet, this transformation would take closer to 3 years.

  14. Hey on a related topic, got any good recs for intro to powerbuilding? :))

  15. What I would giveeeee for my upper body to look like the second photo. 5 years of training and still got a ways to go 🥲

  16. I found the video she’s literally only playing music on one of the decks, and messing with the filters. all the songs are already tracks played by DJs and what’s worse is she is using RAZER gaming headphones to listen to the tracks. headphones are everything when djing, her wonderbread lookin ass is only good for the illusion of a fantasy lifestyle she promotes talking about working out is a transformation. She’s right if it means you transform yourself into a vapid, soulless, her viewers paid for the Brazilian butt lift that she said she got in the gym but we all know it was in Mexico.

  17. A coworker of mine told me about this the other day. So fucking sad

  18. We need rehab clinics and mental health facilities almost as much as more housing.

  19. Didn’t ucla purchase Olympia hospital to turn it into a mental health facility? Or am I trippin

  20. I’m getting more and more embarrassed that I own 2 crop tops from them 😅

  21. It’s seen often in programs. Doesn’t mean it does jack shit (it does not). Sensation does not = something doing anything.

  22. Yeah, this is my feeling as well. Danielle Webster (who I do actually like) uses them in her plans and says they’re good for the shortened position of the glutes. However, it would be hard to see any progressive overload because there’s always a risk of it slipping off your foot and causing an injury! To me, a good workout plan is one that’s kept pretty simple with a focus on good ol’ compound movements

  23. Lmao Paul had it in his program too. I couldn’t understand why

  24. What we have going on isn’t a workers shortage, or apathetic people who don’t want to work, it’s a capital strike. Supply and demand goes both ways and the corpos just don’t seem to understand that.

  25. I’m dumb, do you mind explaining a bit further?

  26. This is blowing my mind! I really like both analis and Leana but Analis is just being so blatant with the copying

  27. Dude even with her outfits, poses, and abs now lmfao

  28. abs?? i didn’t realize only one person was allowed to have abs 😂

  29. I just mean there seems to be more of an emphasis on her having a 6 pack as part of her “lewk” than before

  30. I've wound up with my entire posterior chain sore like I did deadlifts.

  31. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled a hammy going all out on the bench lol

  32. I wish. My constipation gets worse during my period.

  33. Magnesium supps have helped me a lot with this! Taking them regularly has helped keep me regular, including on my periods

  34. Look into magnesium supps! I get terrible cramps, but since taking magnesium regularly, I feel it’s lessened in severity a bit. Digestion is better too :))

  35. I don’t know how they can’t 5150 some of these people when they are so clearly a danger to themselves.

  36. There are not enough resources to 5150 them all. From the initial hold placed by LEO’s, to the ambulance transport, ER triage, ER bed, psych consult, hospital/psych unit bed- we are not equipped to handle the mental health crisis at large. Some of them are placed on holds, yea, but eventually they’re discharged, and the cycle repeats. It’s really sad.

  37. I got a pair recently in a size medium (the size I had in older Amplifies) and they were seriously probably more like a true size XS lol it was laughable

  38. OMG SAME! In the whale blue! I sized up to a medium and can’t even breathe in them. It’s ridiculous. I was so sad lol :(

  39. “And you wear too much f**king blush b*tch!”

  40. LOL I’m sorry 🤣 I’m sure you looked beautiful!

  41. How about things we're repeatedly saying to patients? My #1 would be: Why are you naked?

  42. Is this what they mean by mercury in the microwave

  43. I find it hilarious how she’s marketing this eyelash serum as changing your genetics with all of the vaccine hesitancy among ignorant people, especially fitfluencers, who think mRNA vaccines change your dna 😵‍💫

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