1. Amazon price glitch, got two monitors for free. First time was an accident, 2nd time was to test the theory. Didn't want to do it a third time cus intentionally it can be a crime

  2. Make better transitions and give time to react after said transition

  3. I have a conspiracy theory: what if youtube makes the guidelines so strict, that they can just claim more money that doesn’t go to creators?

  4. Why does velma, as the show, even exist?

  5. Make it more balanced. The start of the layout is so much easier

  6. Thank you so much, I thought i was immune from propaganda, but as it seems, i’m not.

  7. My advice is “B”. It’s as easy as an easy demon. A moderate medium demon is heLL by serponge; hard but improves skill.

  8. Well, good thing I don’t live in ‘murica

  9. Everyone can play it, it just happens that a lot of young people play it. That’s why you mostly cant communicate with the average user

  10. Where do you think a lot of extreme hentai comes from

  11. I’m waiting until someone posts the walter white copypasta

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